We all love to travel to unwind. It is one of the reasons why travel photography is popular worldwide. The concept of ‘exploring the unexplored’ is fascinating for audiences of all ages and continues to capture attention on social media. And if you love to take pictures on the trip and have a memory collection, it is a good idea to design a slideshow.

Whether you are a fan of travel photos or want to organize pictures from a recent trip, creating a slideshow online will help you immensely. Here are the top things you need to know when making a travel slideshow. 

1. Choose an easy-to-use slideshow maker!

There are many slideshow makers online, but most have complicated features that may be confusing to understand at first glance. And this can get more complicated when you try to add effects such as transitions. So it is best to choose an easy slideshow maker with multiple features to organize your photos without fuss. 

2. Use an attractive template

Even if you are a pro at designing videos, creating a visually appealing slideshow design can be overwhelming. Sometimes getting everything in order can take several weeks. 

Templates can save you from the above headache. Their visual design helps you tell your story engagingly and create the desired effect. Slideshow makers have 5000+ templates where you can add text, photos, and custom visual elements to have a final draft ready in minutes.  

3. Create the perfect sequence

Once you have chosen a template for your travel slideshow, you should create a photo sequence to portray your story perfectly. From beginning to end, you should decide on the goal first and then move to edit and promote the slideshow. Whether you are making a slideshow that showcases the best tourist places of a particular region or portrays your travel experiences, it is vital to have an end goal in mind. 

Here are questions you should ask yourself when setting your goal: 

  • If you are trying to tell a story, where do you start?
  • Are you making a slideshow to educate the audience or showcasing a fun experience?
  • What type of intro or ending do you want in the video?
  • What elements will you use to depict your story more engagingly?

After reflecting on the above questions, you can start organizing your pictures. 

4. Customize the slideshow with relevant text and elements

While templates are the framework that makes things easier, slideshow makers have multiple design features, such as filters, transitions and animations, to help you create a dramatic effect. The best thing is that you tweak the template design to ensure that your slideshow looks unique. You can add personalized text and music you like and make other adjustments, like cropping the time duration.  

Vital steps you should consider when designing a travel slideshow

Let’s explore some steps you can follow when creating a slideshow online: 

  1. Open your slideshow maker, upload all the pictures, and start sorting them.
  2. Choose a template that you like. 
  3. Adjust the photo duration one by one.
  4. Determine the music and the effects you want to add. Ensure that the music and stickers you choose are royalty-free. 
  5. Ensure that all the images are cropped and fitted correctly. You can also change things like hue, brightness, and contrast. 
  6. Try adding transitions between each image and choose filters that fit the overall aesthetics. 
  7. Check that everything is in order and you do not miss crucial details. 
  8. Lastly, export the file as you see fit and consider which social media channels are right for promoting your travel slideshow.  

Essential tips for creating the best travel slideshow!

Here are some tips and tricks to increase the engagement and quality of your travel slideshow: 

  • Be authentic

With thousands of travel videos and slideshows uploaded on social media every week, it can be easy to get swayed by them. Sometimes we get so influenced by them that we forget to tell the real story behind the photos. During such times, it is vital to be authentic and do things in a way that feels right. Remember that stories are the ones that move hearts and initiate discussions. 

  • Don’t hesitate to use stock images!

Sometimes using stock images for dramatic motions isn’t bad. If you lack footage or think you are missing a vital element to complete your story, you can use stock images and videos to make things stand out. Sites like Shutterstock and Freepik have thousands of royalty-free images you can use anytime. 

  • Set the mood with appropriate music

When choosing music for your travel slideshow, ensure that you do not pick gloomy or slow music. Energetic tunes usually work best with shots where there are some ongoing activities like mountain climbing and sightseeing. On the other hand, soft and calm music is ideal for shots that show you traveling streets and other famous city scenes. So make sure to mix up sounds to achieve the best effect. 

  • Short is not always the best route

Most people have the misconception that having shorter slideshow durations resonates best with the audience. But that’s not always the case. People connect more with meaningful content, no matter what the length is. So it is best to not worry about the length and keep things meaningful. However, ensure that there are no repeat images and that things do not appear haphazardly. 

  • Be creative with the text

A general rule of thumb is to be creative with the text as it portrays what you want to say on the screen. Avoid making predictable text. Use a humorous and playful tone that captures viewers’ interest and keeps them hooked on what’s coming next. Also, ensure that you have a stylish introduction to make the viewers engrossed from the beginning. 

Closing Thoughts

Now that you have gathered enough information on creating a slideshow online, it is time to test your knowledge and create a fun travel slideshow. All you need to do is find a slideshow maker and create something your friends and family will love. Get ready to share your experience with the world today. 

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