Anghami, a Abu Dhabi-based music streaming service, is the latest success story in the Middle East tech community. Founded in 2012 by Eddy Maroun and Elie Habib, Anghami has grown from a small startup to a full-fledged business with over 1.4 million active users and 220 million downloads. In this article, we will take a closer look at the success of Anghami and what it means for the future of tech in the Middle East.


Anghami is an up-and-coming Abu Dhabi based music streaming service that has achieved impressive growth in a short amount of time, reaching 1.4 million users and generating $220 million in revenue. It is a testament to the company’s success and popularity that it was able to achieve such phenomenal results in only four years. With its innovative features and a growing presence outside of the Middle East region, Anghami looks set to become one of the top music streaming services on the market.

What is Anghami?

Anghami is a music streaming app that lets you listen to your favorite songs and discover new artists. With over 30 million tracks, Anghami is one of the largest music libraries in the world. You can create playlists, share music with friends, and more. Plus, Anghami is ad-free and available on both iOS and Android devices.

The Different Types of Music on Anghami

There are many different types of music available on Anghami. You can find international chart toppers, local Arabic hits, and a wide variety of independent artists. There is something for everyone on Anghami.

If you’re looking for the latest international hits, you can find them in the Top Charts section. Here you’ll find the most popular songs from around the world, updated weekly. If you’re interested in exploring new music, check out the Discover section. Here you’ll find hand-picked playlists and recommendations based on your listening habits.

If you’re looking for Arabic music, Anghami is the perfect place to start your search. In the Arabic section, you’ll find a wide variety of music from across the Arab world. From classic singers like Fairuz to modern pop stars like Tamer Hosny, there is something for everyone in this section.

Independent artists are also well-represented on Anghami. In the Indie section, you’ll find a curated selection of up-and-coming artists from all over the world. If you’re looking for something different, this is the place to start your search.

Pros and Cons of Anghami

Anghami is a music streaming app that is based in Abu Dhabi. It was founded in 2012 by Elie Habib and Tony Fadell. The app allows users to stream and download songs from a catalog of over 30 million songs. Anghami also has a feature that allows users to create their own playlist of songs.

There are both pros and cons to using Anghami. Some pros include the fact that the app has a large catalog of songs, that it is easy to use, and that it has a variety of features such as the ability to create playlists. However, some cons include the fact that the app does not have a free trial period, that it is not available in all countries, and that some users have reported issues with downloading songs.

What Features Does Anghami Have?

Anghami is a music streaming app that has a variety of features for users to enjoy. Some of these features include:

-A library of over 30 million songs that can be streamed or downloaded for offline listening
-A personalized playlist function that creates a custom playlist for each user based on their listening habits
-The ability to create and share your own music with other Anghami users
-Integrated social media features that allow you to share your favorite songs and playlists with friends
-A built-in radio function that lets you listen to various radio stations from around the world
-In-app purchases that give you access to premium content and features

How to Use Anghami

Anghami is a music streaming app that gives users access to a library of millions of songs. The app is available in both Arabic and English, and users can create their own profile and playlists, follow other users, and listen to songs offline.

To use Anghami, first download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Once you have installed the app, launch it and sign up for an account. You will need to provide your name, email address, date of birth, and gender. After you have registered for an account, you can begin listening to music by browsing the library or searching for specific artists, albums, or songs.

If you want to create your own playlist, tap on the “MyMusic” tab at the bottom of the screen and then select “Create Playlist.” Give your playlist a name and start adding songs to it by tapping on the “+” sign next to each song. Once you have added all the songs you want to include in your playlist, tap on the “Done” button.

If you want to listen to music offline, make sure that you have downloaded the songs that you want to listen to before going offline. To do this, tap on the “Download” button next to each song. Once your songs have been downloaded, they will be saved in the “Downloaded” section of your Library. To access these songs when you are offline, simply tap on the “Offline Mode” switch at

Alternatives to Anghami

Anghami is a great app for streaming music, but it’s not the only one out there. If you’re looking for alternatives to Anghami, here are a few of the best.

1. Spotify: Spotify is one of the most popular streaming music services in the world, and for good reason. It has a massive library of songs, a great user interface, and features like offline listening and collaborative playlists.

2. Apple Music: Apple Music is another great option for streaming music. It has a similar library to Spotify, and also offers exclusive content from artists like Taylor Swift. Apple Music also integrates with Siri, so you can ask her to play your favorite songs hands-free.

3. Pandora: Pandora is a great option if you’re looking for something a little different than the traditional music streaming service. It uses a unique algorithm to create custom radio stations based on your musical preferences. You can also thumb up or down songs to help Pandora better understand your taste in music.

4. Google Play Music: Google Play Music is another solid option for streaming music. It has a large library of songs, and lets you upload your own MP3s to stream them as well. You can also subscribe to All Access, which gives you ad-free listening and some other premium features.

5. Amazon Music Unlimited: Amazon Music Unlimited is Amazon’s answer to Spotify and Apple Music. It has a massive song library, hands-


Anghami’s growth over the last few years is a testament to its success as an Abu Dhabi-based music streaming platform. Founded in 2012, Anghami has quickly become a leader in the industry and now reaches 1.4 million users and boasts 220 million monthly streams. With continuous improvements and updates, they are sure to remain at the top of their game for many more years to come. If you’re looking for quality music streaming services in Abu Dhabi, look no further than Anghami!

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