There are Amazon driver jobs that are available for people who love driving. People who want Amazon driver jobs can get the job as they don’t need any kind of special license. A normal state-issued license is well and good. One can drive with an Amazon Flex driver or as a fresh goods delivery person. There are several delivery jobs at Amazon.

About Amazon jobs

Whoever wishes to begin their Amazon career can apply for Amazon driver jobs. All one needs to have is a valid license and physical endurance to lift at least 50 lbs. Amazon delivery drivers are independent contractors for the company who make the deliveries of the goods to the customers. And they are considered self-employed because they have the right to work on their terms and according to the schedule that suits them.

No doubt Amazon delivery drivers work for the company but they receive their payment based on deliveries they make, plus the number of tips they get from the customers. They are responsible for their total earnings since they can accept or reject any order if they are not comfortable with that, which makes them self-employed people.

Amazon drivers can bring in more cash depending on their experience. You can get compensation that surpasses the lowest pay permitted by law. You probably get more if you dwell in a much posh area. With no experience, this base hourly income can assist you with making a comfortable living.

All part-time and full-time Amazon delivery drivers are dedicated representatives. They’ll get benefits from a reliable check. As a full-time driver, you can generally depend on your offered rate for your planned work.

How to become an Amazon delivery driver?

The candidates who want to become Delivery Service Partners with Amazon need to fill out an online application. The application includes fields like the work experience of the candidate, leadership, financial condition of the candidate, location preferences, and community involvement.

  • The application also checks the eligibility of the candidate.
  • Credit checks, background screening of the driver, and the record check of the vehicle.
  • If the company selects the application of the candidate for further consideration.
  • The candidate can move to a screening interview.
  • The last round is the virtual interview of the candidate.

What you’ll need:

  • At least 21 years old.
  • Have a driver’s license.
  • Permit to work in the U.S.
  • Have the ability to lift boxes to 50lbs.
  • Have a Security Number for a background check.

Perks of being an  Amazon delivery driver

As an Amazon delivery driver, one can enjoy several perks and benefits in the job. The Amazon delivery driver is eligible to get all the benefits that Amazon provides starting from health to financial security and child care. Other than the benefits the company offers, the job in itself has a lot of advantages.

  • The Amazon driver jobs in Orangeburg South Carolina are for 4 days only. This means that the Amazon delivery driver gets three days off. This is the most loveable part about the job.
  • Another great part of the job is the freedom. The delivery driver has no one breathing down his neck and telling him what to do.
  • The hourly pace of pay decides your compensation. You likewise get 2-3 days off each week. You need to work 40 hours each week in 4 or 5 days.
  • With a fast-moving and strong working environment, you will work in a superb collaborative climate as an Amazon driver.
  • You can generally depend on your offered rate for your planned work.
  • The company takes care of your needs, and the wellness of its employees is given priority to Amazon.
  • After becoming the Amazon full-time supply driver, the employees might benefit themselves and their family members for many perks.

What you’ll be doing as an Amazon Delivery driver:

Amazon delivery drivers are a part of the Amazon driver jobs system who pick up the packages from the Amazon warehouse. Amazon delivery partners then organize all the delivery packages to make the process easy. Then they deliver all the packages as per their app.

The navigation system in the app shows all the delivery spots. They can see the order number that is delivered to a specific address and deliver the package as per that number. The numbers are mentioned on the order boxes. This is one of the best delivery jobs available in your area.

An Amazon delivery driver is given an Amazon-branded car to provide their clients with the goods. The drivers can work full time and must work 40 hours a week. The drivers can be employed at full time. The flex delivery driver, who can work part-time using the Amazon delivery service, is another sort of driver task. You must use your vehicle in this service and are responsible for the expenditure on petrol and insurance.

Amazon drivers have to deliver around 200-300 packages per day. Which is about 20-30 orders per hour depending on the weather. Sometimes, Amazon drivers can achieve this target, and sometimes due to weather constraints or due to some personal reasons, they are unable to meet the target.


But, they are only responsible for their deliveries. They don’t need to make deliveries in their vehicle. Amazon provides them with a vehicle and they have to make their deliveries on the amazon provided vehicle and in the location, they are comfortable in making deliveries. Delivering products on a long route is the choice of the Amazon delivery driver.


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