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The Place Value of a Number in the Hundred Thousand Place

The hundred thousands place is one of the most challenging mathematical concepts to learn. It’s important to understand how to properly represent and use these numbers in context. When teaching the place value of a digit, you can begin by asking your students to write the number as a word or write it as a […]

Fort Bend Independent School District – Fbisd – Sugar Land Schools

Fort Bend Independent School District, or FBISD, is a district in Sugar Land, Texas. Learn more about Fbisd and Sugar Land schools here. Learn about its fine arts programs, athletic teams, and campus locations. If you have questions, contact Fbisd today. You’ll be glad you did. This article covers all the important information you’ll need […]

The Dark Meaning Behind “Back To School Necklace” Phrase

On the off chance that you at any point pondered the importance of the “school year kickoff neckband” expression or you have been wishing to find out about this arrangement of words, which are joined together to force a dim ramifications, you came to the ideal locations. The primary thing that could come into your […]

Why is most demanded Online tuition in Banglore

The concept of the modern classroom is evolving through home tuition in Bangalore. With the advancement in technology, the learning of students has also transformed. The virtual model of studying is taking over the teaching-learning process. Be it the students or the tutors, everyone is finding benefits in online home tuitions. The classroom method of […]

The importance of an essay in every student’s life

Essay is considered as the most widespread form of homework. Doing essays has become an integral part of every student’s life. It is an effective process that helps you understand and evaluate a subject, rather than getting involved within it. Essay writing helps to assess a student’s research, and the process engages analytical and persuasive […]

What exactly is TUTFLIX Premium? It is the Community of Free Education

What exactly is Tutflix Premium? It’s an educational subscription service that gives unlimited online classes in various domains. Its main benefit is that it is cost-free. If you’d like to gain access to more content, you’ll need buy an annual subscription. You can purchase an TUTFLIX premium subscription now however, you can’t upgrade to premium if you already signed […]


Article 13 declares that all laws that are inconsistent with or in derogation of any of the fundamental rights shall be void.  In other words, it expressively provides for the doctrine of judicial review. This power has been conferred on the Supreme Court (Article 32) and the high courts (Article 226) that can declare a […]