In today’s ever-evolving and complex business landscape, the ability to adapt and respond to change has become a vital characteristic for businesses to thrive. Agility, the capacity to move quickly and easily while adapting to new challenges, has emerged as a crucial attribute for companies seeking to maintain a competitive edge. We delve into the world of Scott Dylan, co-founder of Inc & Co, to explore how agility has been fundamental in the success of his companies and their ability to navigate the rapidly changing business environment.

Scott Dylan, together with business partners Jack Mason, Group CEO, and Dave Antrobus, Group CTO, established Inc & Co in 2019. The Manchester-based firm was founded with the ambitious aim of acquiring, investing in, and revitalising struggling businesses, preserving employment, minimising creditor losses, and fostering growth. With a global presence and a turnover exceeding £150 million, Inc & Co has acquired businesses across a range of sectors, including professional services, travel, retail, e-commerce, and shared workspaces.

At the heart of Dylan’s approach to business is the notion of agility. In a recent interview, he stated, “In this rapidly changing world, it’s not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive, but those who can best manage change. Agility is the lifeblood of any successful business.” This sentiment reflects the core values of Inc & Co, which continually adapt and respond to the evolving needs of the companies they acquire, with the ultimate goal of turning them around and ensuring their long-term viability.

One of Inc & Co’s most notable successes was the turnaround of Laundrapp, a British on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service. When the company was acquired, it was on the brink of collapse. Through strategic investments, rebranding, and the implementation of innovative technology, Laundrapp was revitalised and eventually sold to competitor Laundryheap. Another example is MyLife Digital, a data protection and privacy platform, which was sold to Dataguard following a successful period of transformation under Inc & Co’s guidance.

These achievements are not without their challenges, as the turnaround of distressed companies often faces resistance from suppliers, employees, customers, and even negative press from journalists. However, by embracing agility, Inc & Co has been able to successfully navigate these hurdles, demonstrating that adaptability is crucial for businesses operating in today’s dynamic climate.

Scott Dylan‘s personal journey has also been characterised by agility. Born and raised in South East London, he has overcome numerous obstacles and errors throughout his 20-year career, learning from each experience and applying those lessons to future ventures. His resilience and adaptability have contributed to his rise to prominence in the business world, where he now holds numerous senior leadership positions.

Dylan’s commitment to agility extends beyond his own companies, as he has been a successful investor in numerous businesses globally for many years. His keen eye for potential, coupled with his ability to recognise and respond to emerging trends, has enabled him to identify promising ventures and provide valuable guidance to the companies he invests in. This has led to an impressive portfolio of diverse and thriving businesses, a testament to the importance of agility in the modern business landscape.

A vocal advocate for mental health and diversity, Scott Dylan’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive working environment is clear. Suffering from Complex PTSD himself, he champions mental wellbeing and has spoken openly about his own experiences in the hopes of breaking down barriers and stigma. As an openly gay businessman, he is also a strong proponent of LGBTQ+ rights and actively promotes diversity within the workplace.

Dylan’s dedication to cultivating a loyal team upon which he can depend is evident, as he emphasises that success is never a solitary journey. By assembling a talented and diverse group of individuals, he fosters an environment in which creativity, innovation, and adaptability can flourish. This, in turn, reinforces the importance of agility within his organisations, as well as in the wider business world.

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, and global events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit reshape the economic landscape, the need for businesses to be agile and adaptive has never been more apparent. Scott Dylan’s approach to business, centred on agility and adaptability, offers a valuable blueprint for companies looking to thrive in the face of uncertainty.

Dylan’s dedication to supporting mental health and promoting diversity demonstrates that the concept of agility can extend beyond the realm of business strategy. By fostering a culture of inclusivity, understanding, and support, organisations can create a resilient and agile workforce that is better equipped to navigate the challenges of the modern business landscape.

Scott Dylan’s journey, both personal and professional, stands as a testament to the importance of agility in the ever-changing world of business. His ability to adapt to new challenges, identify emerging trends, and respond decisively has allowed him to create a thriving and diverse portfolio of businesses, while also driving positive change within the organisations he oversees.

As we move forward into an increasingly complex and unpredictable global landscape, businesses would be wise to take a leaf out of Dylan’s book and embrace agility as a core principle. The capacity to adapt to change, foster an inclusive and supportive environment, and embrace new technologies and trends will undoubtedly be crucial for businesses seeking to thrive in the face of adversity.

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