Diabetes is a health condition and almost every Indian house has one or two family members who are diabetic. The sedentary lifestyle of the young generation is making this condition even more common in the country. These days, even people in their 20s are found to be diabetic. 

When you are diabetic, it will not only affect your health but your finances as well. This is why you must buy a health insurance policy at the earliest. Whether you are visiting your doctor, or buy medicines, or even if you are hospitalized, everything will be covered under the health insurance plan. And if you are buying the plan, especially because you are diabetic, then you should rather opt for a diabetes health insurance policy.

What is diabetes health insurance?

It is a specialized health insurance plan that provides coverage for treatment as well as hospitalization costs because of the disease. This insurance policy will protect you from the expenses that arise from diabetes-related ailments. The plan will provide coverage for hospitalization costs and out-patient costs incurred at the time of pre and post-hospitalization. You can also choose cashless or reimbursement claims.

Some of the best health insurance plans for diabetes

Apollo Munich Energy Plan

It is a comprehensive health management program which is for people who have been diagnosed with Diabetes both Type and Type 2, pre-diabetic, or even who have hypertension. To buy this plan, the age of the policy buyer has to be between 18 years and 65 years.

Features of this plan include:

  • The sum insured ranges between INR 2 lakh and INR 50 lakh
  • The plan has no waiting period. This means that you can avail of the coverage from the first day of having the plan
  • You can avail of health-checkups regularly
  • The basic sum insured increases as a reward of no-claim years
  • In the claim years, the benefit can be restored
  • You will get a personalized wellness program in which a health coach will be assigned to create diet plans and exercises for you
  • You will have access to a digital portal that contains several information on healthy living as well as leading a better lifestyle. You can also use the portal to avail of other functionalities including medicine alert, appointments tracker and reminder, a digital locker for keeping medical reports, and easy retrieval
  • Policyholders, who live a healthy and active lifestyle, are rewarded with wellness incentives. You can use these incentives for payment of consultation, diagnostic, medicine, or other related expenses.

Star Health Diabetes Safe Plan

Star Health has a network of over 9300 hospitals located in various places in the country. The claim settlement process of the company is totally hassle-free and the turnaround time is quick.  Diabetes Safe Plan by Star Health is a unique healthcare plan for people with diabetes. The age bracket to buy this plan is between 18 years and 65 years.

Features of the plan:

  • The sum insured ranges between INR 3 lakh and INR 10 lakh
  • The policy is available in both the options, individual as well as family floater
  • There is no waiting period for complications that result because of diabetes. However, for non-diabetes treatment, the waiting period is for 30 days. For a specified illness, the waiting period is for 2 years. For pre-existing illnesses, the waiting period is for 4 years
  • For any treatment related to diabetes, the hospitalization expenses will be covered. This even includes expenses such as fees of the doctors, room rents, medicine costs, and diagnostic expenses
  • The pre-hospitalization is covered for 30 days and post-hospitalization costs are covered for 60 days
  • Ambulance transportation to the hospital is covered
  • Dialysis expenses are covered and payable for a period of two years
  • Donor costs are covered in case of a kidney transplant surgery

Now to find more information about these plans and even to find some more plans for people with diabetes, you can visit the website of IIFL.

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