The COVID19 pandemic halted many tradeshows and business conferences for almost two years. Thankfully, in 2022 the global event marketing industry is returning to normality. Businesses of all sizes are lining up to attend multiple regional, national, and international tradeshows.

The tradeshow industry alone is worth over $11 billion industry. These events attract thousands of attendees who want to learn about new products, offers, services, and business ideas. Even if you attend a small-scale, local tradeshow, your brand can achieve incredible growth.

However, to stand out against a lot of competition, business leaders must invest in the right marketing tools. All companies that attend professional tradeshows bring their own custom-printed banner stands. These large format displays are must-have items at crowded events. They attract crowds and help brands establish their presence.

Buying the Right Banners

A well-designed banner stand will do your brand justice at crowded events. These banners are typically made of synthetic, print-friendly materials like vinyl. Tradeshow display providers use dye sublimation printing to customize these vinyl banners. As a result, the graphics and artwork on these banners always look great.

By printing high-quality branded artwork on your banners, you can attract curious attendees at tradeshows. Partner with a top tradeshow display provider who will allow you to custom-create your banners. Also, look for these qualities –

  • Experience in mass printing other marketing materials (marketing flags, tents, etc.)
  • Get banners made of UV-resistant fabrics (like vinyl) so that they can be used in outdoor tradeshows and events.
  • The banners should be easy to install, transport, and store. Look for sellers that offer free carrying cases with their banners.
  • Ask the sellers to use dye sublimation printing to create your banners. Banners printed with this technique don’t fade easily.

In addition to promotional banners, your brand will also need other marketing tools and materials at crowded and competitive tradeshows.

Event Marketing Collateral

Along with eye-catching banners, you’ll also need business cards, souvenirs, and various types of technical equipment at tradeshows. These “collateral” items are must-have tools for successful event marketing. Here’s a handy list of these tools –

  • Brand Literature: Carry a few printed marketing materials (e.g., brochures, leaflets) that contain brand-related details. On these pieces of brand literature, print details about your products, brand ideas, etc.
  • Networking Tools: Tradeshows are all about networking. Make this vital step easier by carrying basic networking tools. Carry a set of customized business cards. Give them away to as many attendees as possible. Also, collect their cards. If they don’t have business cards, collect their phone numbers manually.
  • Team Member Badges: Give branded name badges to every team member representing the company at the tradeshow. These badges help initiate dialogues with event attendees and target audiences.

Make sure your brand name/logo are prominently displayed on all marketing materials. The content of your banner should be legible from a distance of at least 10 feet. Set up the banner as soon as you enter your booth. The custom banners will start attracting attendees in no time!

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