Virat Kohli, the Indian cricket superstar, is a household name in India and around the world. He has set numerous records on the field with his exceptional skills and dedication to the game. But what about his net worth? How much has he earned from his illustrious career as a cricketer? In this blog post, we’ll dive into Virat Kohli’s life and career to understand how he made his fortune and what exactly is his net worth. So let’s buckle up and get ready for an exciting ride!

Early life and career of Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli was born on November 5th, 1988 in Delhi. He grew up with a passion for cricket and started playing at a young age. His father recognized his talent early on and enrolled him in the West Delhi Cricket Academy when he was just nine years old.

As Virat honed his skills, he began to attract attention from scouts and coaches. In 2006, he made his debut for the Indian U-19 team and quickly became one of its star players.

In August 2008, Virat made his debut for the Indian national cricket team during an ODI against Sri Lanka. Although he didn’t have an impressive start to his career, it wasn’t long before he proved himself as one of India’s top batsmen.

Over time, Kohli’s popularity skyrocketed not only due to his incredible performance but also because of his aggressive attitude on field which has earned him millions of fans around the world who love watching him play.

Today, Virat is considered one of the best cricketers in history and continues to inspire aspiring cricketers all over India with his dedication towards fitness and hard work off-field that helped him reach where he is today.

How Virat Kohli made his money

Virat Kohli is one of the most successful cricketers in the world today, and his net worth is a reflection of that. But how exactly did he make all that money? Let’s take a closer look.

It’s important to note that Virat Kohli’s income comes from multiple sources – not just cricket. Of course, his earnings as an Indian cricketer are significant in themselves – he has been ranked among the highest-paid athletes globally by Forbes magazine for several years now.

But beyond cricket, Kohli has also made smart investments in various businesses and startups over the years. He owns stakes in companies like Wrogn (his own clothing line), MuveAcoustics (a tech startup focused on audio products), and Sport Convo (a sports social media platform).

Kohli also earns a considerable amount through brand endorsements – with companies like Puma, MRF Tyres, Audi India and Flipkart among his many sponsors. His popularity both on and off-field makes him an attractive choice for any brand looking to market their products or services.

It’s worth mentioning that Virat Kohli is known for being very disciplined when it comes to managing his finances. His focus on saving money early on in his career has allowed him to build up significant wealth over time.

Virat Kohli’s net worth is the result of hard work on the pitch combined with savvy business decisions off it – along with careful management of his finances throughout his career so far.

What is Virat Kohli’s net worth?

Virat Kohli is one of the most successful cricketers in the world today, having captained India to numerous victories and set countless records. With his undeniable talent and leadership skills, it’s no surprise that Virat Kohli has amassed a significant net worth over his career so far.

According to Forbes magazine, as of 2021, Virat Kohli’s net worth is estimated to be around $93 million. This includes income from brand endorsements with companies such as Puma, Audi and Uber Eats amongst others. Additionally, he earns a hefty salary from playing cricket for both Team India and Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Apart from this, Virat also has several investments under his belt including stakes in sportswear company Wrogn and social media startup Sport Convo. It’s clear that Virat Kohli not only excels on the field but off it too through shrewd business decisions.

However impressive these numbers may seem at first glance, it’s important to remember that they are simply estimates based on public information available. Regardless of exact figures though, there is no denying that Virat Kohli has worked hard for his success both as a cricketer and businessman.

What are some of Virat Kohli’s philanthropic efforts?

Virat Kohli is not only a successful cricketer, but he is also an ambassador for change. He has used his fame and wealth to give back to society in many ways. One of the notable philanthropic efforts that Virat Kohli has undertaken is the establishment of the Virat Kohli Foundation, which aims to support underprivileged children by providing them with education and healthcare.

Apart from this foundation, he has also been associated with various other charities over the years. In 2015, he became an ambassador for Skill India Campaign initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. This campaign aimed at promoting skill development among Indian youth.

Furthermore, he was part of a charity football match in Mumbai where proceeds were donated towards building homes for families living on pavements across Maharashtra.

In addition to his charitable work within India, Virat Kohli has extended his generosity outside of India as well. He donated signed jerseys from Indian cricket team squad during Australia’s bushfire crisis in early 2020 and raised approximately $2 million AUD through auction sales.

It’s apparent that Virat Kohli understands the importance of giving back to society and strives hard to do so whenever possible.


Virat Kohli is not only a cricket legend but also a philanthropist who has made significant contributions to society. His impressive net worth of $93 million reflects his hard work and dedication towards his sport and other business ventures.

Kohli’s success on the field has translated into lucrative endorsements, sponsorships, and investments in various businesses. He has also used his influence to give back to society through charitable donations and initiatives focused on education, healthcare, and underprivileged children.

Despite facing challenges early in life, Kohli remained focused on pursuing his passion for cricket and persevered until he became one of the best players in the world. Today, he serves as an inspiration for millions around the world who look up to him for motivation.

As Kohli continues to dominate the cricket field with his exceptional skills and leadership qualities while expanding his business interests beyond sports, it will be interesting to see how much further he can grow his net worth and impact on society.

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