Kyle Kressler is a very good baseball player. This shouldn’t be too surprising, as he has been playing in the major leagues for a number of years now. He has also played for a number of teams, and this has given him the opportunity to experience a lot of different baseball environments. What is perhaps even more impressive about Kyle Kressler is his ability to adapt to new environments. Whether it’s his willingness to take on new challenges or just his natural (and seemingly effortless) ability to mesh with new teammates, Kressler is an excellent example of a player who can succeed in any situation. This makes him an excellent fantasy baseball option, as you can count on him to contribute at both the plate and in the field. If you are looking for an all-around performer, Kressler should be at the top of your list. Give him a try this season!

Kyle Kressler is a proven fantasy baseball player

Kyle Kressler is a proven fantasy baseball player who has averaged over 100 RBIs and 20 home runs each season over the past seven years. He has also been a consistent source of batting average and OBP during that time frame. In terms of strikeouts, Kressler has managed to keep himself relatively healthy throughout his career, averaging just under 150 over that span. He’s also averaged around 550 plate appearances per season during that time frame so he offers plenty of opportunity for fantasy owners to reap rewards.

Kyle Kressler is a prolific RBI and home run hitter

Kyle Kressler is a prolific RBI and home run hitter, who has hit over .300 in each of the last three seasons. In 2016, he finished with 94 RBI and 34 home runs. Kressler gives you both power and speed, making him a valuable asset on your fantasy team. He’s also a consistent at-bat threat, hitting over .300 in both batting average and on-base percentage in each of the last three seasons.

Kyle Kressler has averaged over 35 stolen bases per season throughout his career

Kyle Kressler has been one of the most consistent run producers in baseball over the last decade. Heading into the 2016 season, he is coming off a down year which saw him steal just 33 bases. However, when you take a look at his career stats, you’ll see that he averages over 35 stolen bases per season. Some of the reasons why you should add Kyle Kressler to your fantasy baseball team are as follows:

-He has consistently reached double digit steals for four consecutive seasons now
-He’s scored over 100 runs in each of the past three seasons
-He’s averaged 20 homeruns and 85 RBIs throughout his career

All in all, Kyle Kressler is a solid all around player who will help your fantasy team in many ways. Whether you’re looking for an extra boost in batting average or home runs, or simply want someone to help round out your lineup, Kressler is a great option to consider.

Kyle Kressler plays in all key fantasy baseball positions

Kyle Kressler is a versatile player who can play in all key fantasy baseball positions. He’s currently batting .291 with 14 home runs and 64 RBIs in 110 games this season. Kressler also has an impressive .389 on-base percentage, which shows that he’s able to get on base at a high rate. He’s also a great fielder, having made 29 assists so far this season. Kressler can provide fantasy owners with plenty of help in all categories, making him an ideal option for any team.


In this article, we discuss why you should add Kyle Kressler to your fantasy baseball team. We cover his strengths and weaknesses, as well as give you reasons why he is a good choice for your team in 2017. If you are looking for an all-around player to help you win your league, Kressler is the man for the job. So put him on your roster now and see how much better your season can get!

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