Jonathan VanAntwerpen is one of the most celebrated American musicians of our time. His music is complex, layered, and eclectic—and his albums have found their way into the collections of music lovers all around the world. In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at VanAntwerpen’s Reverberations album. We’ll explore his unique sound, from its roots in alternative rock to its journey into jazz and funk, and how it has evolved throughout his career. So come along with us as we dive deep into the musical world of Jonathan VanAntwerpen!

Jonathan VanAntwerpen: A Brief Overview

Jonathan VanAntwerpen is a classically trained composer and musician who specializes in creating music with a “reverberant” quality. His pieces often make use of long, sustained notes that create an ethereal, otherworldly soundscape.

VanAntwerpen’s music has been featured on TV shows and films such as The CW’s “One Tree Hill” and Showtime’s “The Affair.” He has also composed for video games, including the popular “Assassin’s Creed” franchise.

In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, VanAntwerpen is also a accomplished educator. He currently serves on the faculty of Berklee College of Music, where he teaches courses in composition and studio production.

The Making of Reverberations

In 2012, Jonathan VanAntwerpen was commissioned by the University of Virginia to write a piece for their bicentennial. The result was Reverberations, a work for orchestra, chorus, and soloists that explores the history of the university through music.

VanAntwerpen spent months researching the university’s history, digging through old archives and documents. He also spoke with many people who had ties to the school, including alumni, professors, and staff. All of this research informed the composition of Reverberations, which weaves together various musical styles and genres to create a unique soundscape.

The piece begins with a chorale based on “The Good Old Song”, the university’s alma mater. This is followed by a section inspired by folk music from the Appalachian region, where the school is located. The next section pays tribute to Thomas Jefferson, one of the university’s founding fathers, with a quote from his famous “I Have A Dream” speech.

Reverberations then transitions into a more modern sound, with elements of jazz and rock music. This reflects the diversity of today’s student body. The final section brings everything full circle, with a return to the chorale from the beginning of the piece.

VanAntwerpen’s goal was to create a work that would resonate with everyone who hears it – whether they have ties to the university or not. And judging by the reaction it has received so far,

Themes and Motifs in Reverberations

VanAntwerpen’s music is characterized by its use of leitmotifs, or recurring themes. These themes often take the form of musical phrases that are repeated throughout the course of a piece, serving to unify the work and give it a sense of coherence. A close examination of VanAntwerpen’s music reveals that these leitmotifs often have a significant emotional charge, conveying feelings of longing, nostalgia, and loss.

One of the most prominent themes in VanAntwerpen’s music is the idea of home. This theme is explored in many different ways, but always with a sense of yearning and nostalgia. For instance, in the opening track of his album Reverberations, “Homeward Bound,” VanAntwerpen uses a simple piano melody to evoke feelings of longing for a lost home. This theme is also present in other tracks such as “The Wanderer” and “In Search Of.”

Another important theme in VanAntwerpen’s music is that of memory. This theme is closely related to the idea of home, but focuses more on the act of remembering past experiences. In “Remembrance,” VanAntwerpen uses a delicate piano melody and emotive lyrics to explore the nature of memories, and how they can both comfort and haunt us. This theme is also present in other tracks such as “Ghosts” and ” Echoes.”

The Critical Response to Reverberations

Reverberations, the debut album by Jonathan VanAntwerpen, was met with critical acclaim upon its release. The album garnered praise for its inventive use of sound and VanAntwerpen’s masterful control of dynamics.

Critics lauded the album as a unique and exciting addition to the world of electronic music. Many felt that it succeeded in creating a new sonic landscape, one that was both beautiful and strange. Some compared the experience of listening to Reverberations to taking a journey into another world.

Others were more skeptical of the album, feeling that it was too experimental and inaccessible. However, even these critics agreed that VanAntwerpen is a talented musician with a bright future ahead of him.


Jonathan VanAntwerpen is a true talent, and his music reflects that. His soundscape of reverberations and ambient melodies has the ability to take us on an emotional journey with every song he makes. Whether it be bubbly pop or deep-rooted afrobeat, Jonathan’s music is bound to leave you feeling uplifted and inspired. Taking the time to explore his work will likely prove rewarding for any serious listener of contemporary music, as its depth and detail are not easily appreciated in passing.

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