Esports is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in the world. From streaming platforms to professional esports leagues, more and more people are looking to become pro-gamers and compete in tournaments. But it takes more than just skill and dedication to become a champion; it takes hard work, commitment, and luck. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the stories behind some of the top esports teams in the world – namely, Honour Kings League Legends – as well as what it takes to achieve success at such a high level of competitive gaming with an impressive prize pool of over $100 million dollars in play!

What is the Kings League?

The Kings League is a competitive online multiplayer gaming league for the popular video game Honor of Kings. The league is hosted by Tencent Games, the game’s developer, and features some of the best Honor of Kings players in the world.

The league is divided into two seasons, Spring and Fall, with each season consisting of several tournaments. The top teams from each tournament earn points that contribute to their overall ranking in the league. At the end of each season, the top teams from each server are invited to participate in the Kings League Finals, where they compete for prizes and the title of King of Kings.

The Kings League is an exciting and competitive way to experience Honor of Kings. If you’re looking for a challenge, or just want to see some of the best players in the world in action, then be sure to check out the Kings League!

The Different Types of Kings League Players

There are four different types of Kings League players: the attacker, the defender, the support, and the tank.

The attacker is responsible for dealing damage to the enemy team. They are typically very mobile and have powerful abilities that can quickly take down enemies.

The defender is responsible for protecting their team from the enemy attackers. They typically have strong defensive abilities that can help keep their team alive.

The support is responsible for helping their team succeed. They typically have abilities that can buff their teammates or debuff the enemy team.

The tank is responsible for soaking up damage for their team. They typically have high health pools and strong defensive abilities.

How to become a Legend in the Kings League

In order to become a legend in the Kings League, you first need to achieve a high rank in the leaderboards. You can do this by playing the game consistently and earning a lot of points. Once you are among the top players in the leaderboards, you will be able to join the Legends Club. This club is exclusive to the best of the best players in the game. In order to maintain your legend status, you need to keep on playing at a high level and winning games.

Tips and Tricks for Kings League Players

1. Join a good guild: This will give you access to experienced players who can help you progress in the game.

2. Use your Gems wisely: Don’t waste your gems on unnecessary things. Use them to buy items that will help you progress in the game.

3. Complete Daily Quests: These quests will give you valuable rewards that can help you in the game.

4. Participate in Tournaments: Tournaments are a great way to earn rewards and test your skills against other players.

5. Know your Heroes: Each hero has unique strengths and weaknesses. Learn about each hero and choose the ones that fit your play style.


It is amazing to see the sheer number of legends behind Royal League like 100m. These are players with incredible talent, stamina, and dedication that have propelled them to these extraordinary heights. Without their commitment and hard work over years, we wouldn’t be able to witness such a spectacle as the Royal League. We should all take inspiration from this and strive towards excellence in our own fields so that someday we too can become legends in our respective industries.

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