Jessica Darrow is an up and coming indie artist with a unique take on music. Her latest single, “Surface Pressure”, is a haunting and thought-provoking track that delves into the complexity of human emotions. The lyrics are poignant, thoughtful, and packed with powerful imagery. Every line is some kind of revelation or insight into the human condition, making it an exceptional song for anyone looking to dive deeper into their own feelings. Let’s take a closer look at the lyrics to Jessica Darrow’s “Surface Pressure” and explore what makes this song so special.

Who is Jessica Darrow?

Jessica Darrow is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. She has been writing and performing music for over 10 years. Jessica’s musical style can best be described as soulful pop with a touch of rock. Her songs are often about love, loss, and heartbreak.

Jessica began her musical career by fronting the band The Darrows. The band released one EP and toured the west coast of the United States before disbanding in 2009. Jessica then decided to pursue a solo career and released her debut album, “Heartbeats”, in 2010. The album was met with critical acclaim and led to Jessica touring Europe and the United States.

In 2012, Jessica released her second album, “Surface Pressure”. The album was produced by Grammy-winning producer Greg Kurstin and featured the single “Falling For You”. Surface Pressure was a more personal album for Jessica, as it dealt with her struggles with anxiety and depression.

Since releasing Surface Pressure, Jessica has continued to write and perform music. She has also been working on new material for her third album. We can’t wait to hear what she comes up with next!

What is the meaning behind the lyrics of

The lyrics of Jessica Darrow’s song “Surface Pressure” are about the feeling of being trapped and suffocated in a relationship. The singer is describes being in a relationship that is “like a weight on my chest” and “like a noose around my neck”. She feels like she can’t breathe and is struggling to break free. The lyrics express the frustration, pain, and desperation that comes with being in an unhealthy and unhappy relationship.

How do the lyrics relate to Jessica’s personal life?

The lyrics of “Surface Pressure” by Jessica Darrow tell the story of a relationship that is coming to an end. The lyrics describe the feeling of being in a relationship that is not working, but not being able to let go. The lyrics talk about the tension and pressure that come with trying to hold onto something that is no longer there.

The lyrics of “Surface Pressure” relate to Jessica’s personal life in that they describe the feeling of being in a relationship that is not working. Jessica has been in a number of relationships that have ended, and she has spoken about how difficult it can be to let go. The lyrics of “Surface Pressure” capture this feeling perfectly, and provide insight into Jessica’s personal life.

What do the lyrics mean to Jessica’s fans?

To Jessica’s fans, the lyrics of her song “Surface Pressure” are a reminder that no matter how tough life gets, they can always rely on her music to lift their spirits. The song is about staying positive and keeping your head up through tough times, which is something that everyone can relate to. Jessica’s fans know that she writes her songs from the heart, and that she puts her all into every performance. They appreciate her raw talent and honest lyrics, and they feel connected to her as an artist.


Jessica Darrow’s song “Surface Pressure” is an emotionally charged track that speaks of the ways in which we protect ourselves from facing our fears. Through her lyrics, she encourages us to take a step back and explore our emotions instead of running away from them. Her message is one of hope, reminding us that even when things seem overwhelming, there is still strength to be found in facing our issues head-on.

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