The first small All Terrain Vehicles were designed with farmers in mind. In many cases, ATVs fill the same niche that horses and mules used to for the farmer. They offer rugged, all-terrain personal transportation. They are easy to keep in working order and guzzle up relatively few resources. Modern farmyards usually have one or two All Terrain Vehicles on hand for rounding up livestock, getting to distant fields, inspecting crops, and distributing chemicals. Farm-ready ATVs differ from their sporting and pleasure-oriented cousins. They are especially rugged, and feature storage racks and tow hitches. They can safely house working dogs and pull vehicles out of trouble using winches. They are suitable for long-term use. Continue reading to learn about some of the best ATVs for use in farming. 

Honda Fourtrax Rancher 

Honda was one of the early pioneers in ATV design – bringing out the three-wheeled ATC 90 in the 1970s to great acclaim. The Japanese company is well known around the world for the manufacture of vehicles that stand the test of time. The Fourtrax Rancher model is the gold standard of farming All Terrain Vehicles. The Honda engine in this model is extremely reliable, and parts are readily available, which is a bonus. It is capable of pulling almost 900 pounds of material on a trailer thanks to its high torque levels. It has relatively high ground clearance: something that can be very important when working on bumpy, tire-bitten tracks. The Fourtrax Ranger retails for under 5000 dollars, making it a great value purchase. It is less technologically sophisticated than other models on this list, which could be considered a real plus for farmers concerned about maintenance simplicity. 

Polaris Sportsman

The Polaris Sportsman is a bit more expensive than the Honda Fourtrax Rancher, but it provides a much more comfortable ride. It has very well-damped shock absorbers, which make working long hours on the machine relatively low stress for farm workers. Polaris specialize in ATVs and UTVs, and generally, keep the working person in mind when designing their machines and incorporating new technologies. The Sportsman includes electronic fuel injection, which is perfect for keeping the quad running when taking on a sharp incline. There are not as many Polaris dealerships around as there are for other more established ATV manufacturers, so you may have to employ an ATV transport company to get your new farm vehicle to you. If you want to find a shipping company, try it now by heading over to the Shiply website. 

Yamaha Grizzly 

The Yamaha Grizzly is one of the most powerful commercially available ATVs, and it is perfectly suited for tough farm work. Perfect for ploughing or towing small fields, the Grizzly is a high-torque machine. This highly powerful and versatile machine is, unfortunately, very expensive. A new model costs around 10,000 dollars – even in its most basic format. For farmers looking to purchase more than one ATV to provide multiple workers with enough metal stallions, this price can seem a little steep. 

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