When you need to ship a package, you may need to find a UPS Store near you. You can find a UPS location near you by searching online. Just make sure to find the correct store, as they all have different hours and closing times. If you need an extra service, you can always call them and see if they are open on your preferred days.


UPS Stores are locally owned and operated facilities where you can ship and receive packages. Many locations also offer a variety of other services, including printing, notary services, and shredding services. You can use the UPS locator to find a location near you. It will also provide you with the phone number and website link for more information.

In the Queens County area, there are numerous UPS Store locations that provide excellent shipping services. In addition to offering affordable services, most locations also feature an office supply store. You can find online services, same-day delivery, and international shipping services at these convenient locations. And if you’re looking to send a package to the rest of the world, many locations offer free shipping.


The UPS Store near you is a local business that offers a wide range of services. Whether you’re shipping a package or need to pick up a small item, they are able to accommodate your needs. They also have a website and social media accounts that can help you find the store’s hours and directions.

The UPS Store near you offers a variety of services, including shipping, printing, and receiving packages. If you need to mail a package, you can use UPS Express, or you can take your package to a UPS store. You can even pick up your package in your neighborhood! Hours of UPS Store Near Me: UPS stores are open every day for your convenience.

Besides providing shipping services, The UPS Store also offers other services like printing and document finishing. They also have mailbox services and cover the cost of lost or stolen packages. Some locations also offer IT support for small businesses. The UPS Store website is excellent, offering tracking services and helpful shipping advice. For businesses, The UPS Store can even handle returns and redirected shipments.


UPS Stores near me provide a variety of services for your shipping needs. They offer the convenience of a local store that will work with your schedule. These stores also offer other business services such as mailing and packing. You can drop off your packages to have them delivered right to your door or have them picked up so they can fit your schedule. Some UPS locations even offer drop off service for the convenience of their customers.

The UPS Stores near me provide three main categories of products and services. These include mailing boxes and mailboxes, printing/document services, and specialized packaging. They offer Professional Printing Services, such as letterhead and business cards, and Direct Mail Services, which help local businesses advertise and grow their businesses. Customers can also take advantage of Certified Packing Experts, who can help pack and ship heavier items. Some stores also offer In-Store Services, such as computer access and shredding office supplies.

In addition to shipping, UPS Stores near me also offer printing, document finishing, mailbox services, and notary services. These locations also offer insurance for packages and cover the cost of lost or stolen packages. They also work with USPS and DHL to offer affordable and reliable shipping. They can even help small businesses with their IT needs. Their website is very easy to use and offers many helpful tools. You can also track your packages through their website.

Social media accounts

The UPS Store network has more than 4,300 independently owned locations across the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. These stores provide a variety of products and services to businesses in need of shipping and mailing solutions. Their services include professional printing, mailbox services, freight logistics, and packaging and shipping.

Using the UPS locator, you can find a UPS Store near you. This online tool will give you the store’s location, website link, and contact information. You can use this information to schedule a delivery or get more information about hours and services. You can also find the store’s social media accounts.

Common carriers’ rights to deliver parcels

Common carriers’ rights to deliver parcels depend on the legal institution that they are associated with. They have duties to serve on reasonable demand and a duty of care to the goods they transport. However, these rights are limited to incidental damages. The law protects consumers by requiring common carriers to comply with certain standards and provide accurate information about the nature and contents of parcels.

For example, a common carrier can refuse to deliver certain goods if they are perishable or dangerous. In certain special cases, a common carrier may be entitled to limit its liability by entering into a special contract with the consignee. It must also follow instructions from the sender.

Common carriers are companies that hire vehicles for the purpose of transporting goods from one place to another. They are responsible for the safe and timely delivery of goods, subject to exceptions. They are also responsible for damages that result from misdelivery. However, they cannot be held liable for losses caused by acts of God, war or public enemies.

In California, common carriers must comply with the laws that govern their business. California laws contain a number of specific provisions that protect the consumer. Among them are the Civil Code Sections 3883, 2569, and 1952 Code Section 58-594. Similarly, the Civil Code Sections 3887, 1925, and 1711 deal with the return of C.O.D. shipments.

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