MathPlayground is an online resource for kids, which features fun math games and tutorials. While there are some premium content options, the website itself is free to use. The site includes several resources, including video tutorials, step-by-step instructions, and a section for kinesthetic learners. MathPlayground has many advantages and benefits for young learners.

COPPA-compliant ads

Math Playground is a child-friendly website certified by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). The site offers hundreds of educational games and resources for kids, including geometry, problem-solving, and real-world math. It also integrates with Facebook and uses COPPA-compliant ads. However, parents should be aware of the risks associated with ads on child-friendly sites.

COPPA applies to websites and online services that target children under 13. This includes commercial websites and general audience websites that collect information from children. It also applies to mobile applications, connected toys, and voice-over-IP and location-based services. COPPA requires that operators of child-directed websites disclose their COPPA compliance status to third parties.

While the site has worked hard to maintain quality and prevent ads from being inappropriate for children, it has been unable to maintain its standard for over-the-top ads. As a result, owner Colleen has banned certain ad categories and censored advertisers. This has left her with almost no time to create new math games. Moreover, most ad networks have run away when COPPA compliance was mentioned.

The Math Playground website contains videos and games that foster student exploration and deep thinking. The games are designed by experts and aligned with the Common Core standards. Teachers can share these games on Google Classroom. The website also offers a variety of resources and activities for students at all levels.

Operators of online services must obtain parental consent before using a child’s personal information. They should also provide a notice to parents that their child is being tracked. This notice should include a description of what types of information are collected and why, as well as a way to request deletion and prevent further use of that information.

Grade-level division

The Math Playground is a great resource for elementary school students. It has games for every category of math, including multiplication and division. A graphic on the Math Playground shows how different games for different grades look. There are games for 4th graders, as well as games for fractions, factors, and multiplications.

The Math Playground is broken down into six different categories, based on the child’s grade level. The games and activities are further divided into sub-categories. The categories are: Math Games, Logic Games, Math Arcade, All Games, and Individual Games. Each category contains individual games focused on a specific math concept.

Problem-solving activities

Math Playground is an online site dedicated to math learning and problem-solving activities. It is a great resource for parents and teachers because it provides a fun and interactive environment where children can learn about math concepts. In addition to problem-solving activities, the site features math games, logic puzzles, and math videos to help kids and adults learn math concepts.

Many of the games in the Math Playground are designed with children in mind. They include 3D shapes, addition, subtraction, graphing, and fractions. Students can even try their hand at designing their own games. These games are free and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

The Math Playground website includes resources for all grade levels and topics. For example, 4th graders can play games about multiplication, factoring, and fractions. Parents and teachers can find games based on the curriculum they’re teaching. Math Playground also has activities designed for the entire classroom, ranging from beginning to advanced.

Math Playground also offers animated videos that teach kids how to solve math problems. Videos are divided into more than a dozen categories. They are accompanied by real people who can provide guidance and assistance in learning new math skills. Some videos are interactive and involve the use of math blocks, while others are designed to challenge a child’s knowledge of math facts.

You can also play games to learn about math facts or logic. These games can be played individually, with a friend, or with the whole family. There are games that are focused on word problems, equations, and more. Whether your child is learning the math facts or logic, they can play games that challenge their skills and increase their fun and interest.


Math Playground is a free website that offers educational games and activities with cartoon graphics. Founded in 2002 by Colleen King, the games on this website help children practice their math skills while having fun. They also help them learn basic math concepts, such as subtraction. There are even games that help children learn more complex concepts, like graph coordinates and fractions.

The website has over 400 games to play. Many are free to try, but some require paid subscriptions to get access to the games. Students can choose the type of learning style that works best for them by interacting with the games and activities. The site also offers interactive worksheets and student-centered activities that make learning fun and interactive. Search by grade level or subject to see all the available games. You can also search for math games by broad strands.

The MathPlayground is a great resource for young children and adults alike. This site has games, tutorials, and videos to help children build confidence and learn math. The site is available from any computer with internet access. In addition to videos and worksheets, there are also math word problems. Many of these games are age-appropriate, so kids can choose whichever one they like the most.

Math Playground is an online educational website with math games, logic puzzles, and videos. Suitable for elementary school students, it provides interactive activities and problem solving activities, while being aligned with Common Core Standards. The site includes a number of games that develop students’ math skills, including number skills, geometry, algebra, probability, and algebra. The site also provides videos that teach kids about the Common Core math standards and more.

Mathemorphosis is a math game that reinforces basic subtraction and addition skills. The theme is caterpillar to butterfly, and the user can transform the caterpillar into one of four kinds of butterflies. While this game is challenging, it also offers great entertainment. This game will keep kids entertained for hours.

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