James D. Rolfe is an actor, YouTube personality, and creator of the web series Angry Video Game Nerd. His production company Cinemassacre Productions has worked with companies like GameTrailers and ScrewAttack. The series focuses on retro gaming and has gained massive popularity on the Internet.

James D. Rolfe

If you enjoy slasher films, then you’ll love James D. Rolfe’s Cinemassacre. The horror comedy is not only a delight to watch, but it’s also a fascinating study of amateur filmmaking. The filmmakers tackle a variety of topics, from how to choose an appropriate costume to how to shoot the action sequences. The results of their research and the ensuing debate are entertaining.

Rolfe’s films have earned him a large fan base and a loyal fan base. He has over 327k Twitter followers, and 94k Instagram followers. On his Cinemassacre channel, he releases three to four videos a month. His videos cover movie, television, and gaming moments. The channel features several popular series.

Rolfe is an American filmmaker, actor, and YouTube personality. He has been creating videos since his adolescence. He starred in several short films, and his YouTube channel is known for being filled with funny videos. He also has a web series called Angry Video Game Nerd. His YouTube channel is a collaboration between two production companies, Cinemassacre and GameTrailers. His videos feature vintage films, board games, and television shows.

After the successful premiere of AVGN, Rolfe’s character started to get mainstream attention. He was even persuaded by the creator of the website to post the videos on YouTube. The recurring feud between Rolfe and the Nostalgia Critic earned him a lot of attention.

Rolfe began making films in 1989 and continued to do so until the early 1990s, while attending university and learning about hand-drawn animation. He later launched his own independent video and film production company. In 2000, he developed his website, which now features two official YouTube channels. Rolfe’s first horror film, A Night of Total Terror, was shot in his backyard, which he considers a pivotal moment in his life.

His YouTube channel

Cinemassacre is a production company and website dedicated to making videos. The channel has a variety of content, including James and Mike Mondays, Rental Reviews, and Monster Madness. It also has a YouTube channel called Cinemassacre Plays, which features deleted videos and live streams from the main channel.

The channel was created by James D. Rolfe, who is also an actor and filmmaker. He is most famous for his retro gaming web series Angry Video Game Nerd, in which he takes aim at video games released in the past. This series sparked a resurgence in the retro gaming community, inspiring a video game and a full-length feature film.

Although the channel’s video content was originally intended for personal use, it has since grown into a viral sensation. Mike Matei, a YouTube manager, persuaded Rolfe to post his videos on the video-sharing website. The channel, which is now known as Cinemassacre, has more than 30 million views per month.

The show was initially launched by James Rolfe as a solo venture, and Rolfe wrote and edited each episode himself. He had some help from his friends for some episodes, but he was mostly responsible for the production. Rolfe later went on to form partnerships with GameTrailers and ScrewAttack, and continued making videos. The channel is now a multi-channel network under Screenwave Media.

After his daughter was born in November 2013, the family decided to post a video on Cinemassacre’s website. The daughter was born with nerve damage and required months of physical therapy. In April 2017, the family announced that he and his wife were expecting another child, and the second daughter was born on September 1, 2017.

His production company

James Rolfe is a YouTube star and director who has been involved in dozens of projects. He has written and directed 28 films, and has also starred in a number of others. His channel, Cinemassacre, began in 2004 with a review of Simon’s Quest. It soon became a hugely popular YouTube channel. The videos starred James, Mike, and Kevin Finn, and also featured Brendan (Bad Luck) Castner. In November 2013, the channel’s website posted an update about his daughter’s health. She had been injured during childbirth and required months of physical therapy.

James Rolfe, the creator of Cinemassacre, is a comedian and indie filmmaker. He is best known for his video games reviews, which are a combination of over-the-top language, physical comedy, and special effects. Rolfe also runs the Cinemassacre production company, where he produces horror and comedy videos.

The production company was originally named Cinematica Productions, but changed its name to Cinemassacre in 2000. The name was chosen because it represents the power of horror and comedy. Since 2015, the company has partnered with Screenwave Media to produce films. The company is known for its unique blend of comedy and horror.

Rolfe began creating homemade videos as early as the late 1980s. His videos quickly became popular, and he quit his day job as a video editor. Since then, his videos have garnered millions of views. After being named a Best Online Video Web Series by the Open Web Awards, Cinemassacre has become a household name, garnering 10 million hits monthly. Its videos have also gained a massive following on social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter.

His Angry Video Game Nerd trilogy

Fans of the original Angry Video Game Nerd videos may be interested in Cinemassacre’s Angry Game Nerd trilogy. The show focuses on a video game nerd who reviews obscure retro games on YouTube. It is most popular for the video titled “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on NES”. The AVGN is well known for his trouble holding back laughter, especially during the scripted gags. He also struggles to keep his laughter in during the monologue for Bugs Bunny’s Crazy Castle.

The first installment of the trilogy is a remaster of the original games, developed by FreakZone Games with assistance from Cinemassacre. The remake features updated difficulty options, altered story elements, and revised level designs. Besides the PC version, there is also an Atari 2600 version of the series.

The Angry Video Game Nerd series is a trilogy of videos made by James Rolfe, a creator and an online personality of the Angry Video Game Nerd video game series. Rolfe, an expert in video games, has been making videos on YouTube for over a decade. Rolfe’s most popular episodes mix expert commentary and high-quality production values.

The series is a popular part of the Internet comedy and review community. The first episode of the series was uploaded 10 years ago. Since then, it has garnered more than a million views within a few days. In March 2016, the channel hit 2 million subscribers. It’s currently at 3 million subscribers. In June 2019, the channel reached three million subscribers.

Angry Video Game Nerd has a history of controversy. The first episode was controversial because of its skepticism of the video game industry. It was also controversial because it featured a character named “Shit Pickle” who was actually a seven-year-old. In addition, The Nerd’s analog TV didn’t tune into television signals anymore, and certain games interface strangely with flat-panel TVs.

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