T-Series was founded by Bhushan Kumar’s father, Bhushan Kumar. Bhushan’s father had built up Super Cassettes Industries, a business that produced pirated films and devotional content, and then branched out into producing blockbusters for Bollywood. Unfortunately, Bhushan was murdered in 1997 by the Mumbai underworld.

YouTube’s most-subscribed channel

The T-Series channel is one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube. It gained 145,000 new subscribers every day! That is faster than PewDiePie can add subscribers! That’s a lot of subscribers! But how can you catch up with a channel growing 145,000 subscribers per day?

The T-Series channel is a music and film production company based in India. Its videos include Bollywood music and film trailers. The channel has over 14 million subscribers and is on the rise. It is currently the second most-subscribed YouTube channel after PewDiePie.

The channel has also made a big splash on the movie rental platform YouTube, which has allowed users to rent movies. With the service, users can view movies with ads or without ads. While T-Series is an established name on YouTube, it is also popular in India, with nearly 200 million subscribers. The network also has numerous sister channels, including T-Series Kids Hut and T-Series Apna Punjab.

India is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world, and YouTube has made a big impact on the music scene in the country. With nearly 1.3 billion people, and 550 million people with access to the Internet, YouTube is a massive platform for music and entertainment. In addition, T-Series has also been actively involved in video marketing for decades.

In late 2005, Smosh and RayWilliamJohnson were the most-subscribed YouTube channels. They reached over 30 million subscribers in just a couple months. The success of the “How to Be” series propelled them to surpass Smosh and Ask a Ninja in June 2006. Littleloca and Emmalina were also notable users during this time.

Despite its popularity, T-Series is no longer the king of Youtube. There are now a number of famous celebrities – Justin Beiber, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift – who have surpassed T-Series in YouTube’s rankings. PewDiePie, on the other hand, is now the most-subscribed channel on YouTube.

PewDiePie used to be the most popular YouTube channel for many years. In 2019, however, he was overtaken by T-Series. After a few years, it is now one of the most popular and highest-subscribed channels on the platform.

The most-subscribed T-Series channel has reached 100 million subscribers. However, this number can fluctuate every day. Using an online tool to check the most popular YouTube channels can help you determine whether your favorite is rising or falling. A good way to determine the top YouTube channel is to check it out in real time.

T-Series is an Indian media company that publishes a variety of popular music videos. Its YouTube Movies channel has the highest subscriber count, and it also hosts a preschool entertainment show called Cocomelon.

Its top ten most-watched videos

The T-Series YouTube channel, with more than 124 million subscribers, is the most popular channel on YouTube, with videos receiving millions of views each week. According to Tubefilter, T-Series is the top channel by weekly views, with the largest number of subscribers. Despite this, the channel is experiencing a 1% traffic decline this week, and could drop back to second place next week.

“Baby Shark Dance” is one of the most popular YouTube videos. It has been viewed over one billion times, and has been streamed around the world. The video is a short animated video about a baby who gets into trouble by eating sugar. The song is simple, almost annoying, but it has gained enormous popularity.

In addition to Bollywood stars, T-Series has also worked with A. R. Rahman and Priyanka Chopra. Other famous artists that have worked with the company include Akon, Pitbull, M.I.A., and Pitbull. These musicians have helped the company achieve its goal of becoming one of the most-viewed YouTube channels. The number of YouTube subscribers for T-Series videos is also a testament to the rapid growth of India’s internet population.

T-Series’ official performance videos and lyric videos are also very popular on the channel. “Slowly Slowly” by Guru Randhawa and “Dilbar” by Nora Fatehi are two of the most-watched individual videos on T-Series. The videos of both songs have garnered more than half a billion views.

Its top 10 most-viewed videos

The T-Series channel on YouTube has several videos that are highly viewed, including lyric videos and official performance videos. The collaboration between Guru Randhawa and Pitbull on “Slowly Slowly” is among the most popular videos on the channel. “Dilbar” is also one of the most popular songs on the channel, and the video, which features Nora Fatehi, has more than half a billion views.

T-Series’ YouTube channel has over 100 million subscribers, which is a significant achievement. The company is a leading music label, responsible for nearly one third of all Bollywood music. T-Series began embracing YouTube in 2010, and its 100 million subscribers are proof that Indians are increasingly engaged with online media. The company operates multiple channels on the popular social networking site, with content spanning Bollywood, English, and Bhojpuri languages.

The Top 10 most-viewed videos of T-series’ YouTube channel feature music videos, cartoons, and videos for kids. Some of the videos have been viewed more than six billion times. The videos include videos of the company’s biggest hits, as well as videos from recent films and television shows.

Shape of You is currently the most-viewed video of all time. The video, which premiered in January 2017, has more than five billion views. It was also the second video to ever reach this milestone. It is a fun, upbeat disco-pop track with soul and funk elements. Its nostalgic settings and costumes are reminiscent of the Seventies and Eighties. It is accompanied by a variety of dancing and singing scenes that make the video easy to follow.

While many of the videos are music videos, others are instructional videos. Baby Shark Dance is a popular children’s song that was uploaded to YouTube on June 17, 2016. The song has many variations online, including countless versions. This makes the song popular for young children, and the success of the video is no surprise.

“Gangnam Style” by South Korean pop star Psy also reached the Top 10 list. The video became the fastest music video to reach one billion views. It is currently ranked #11, with 4.41 billion views. Its fast rise to the top of the chart proves that YouTube is a growing platform for content.

“Bear” is another song with the highest number of views. The song is one of the most popular videos on YouTube, gaining 4.4 billion views. The video features Mars and Ronson in 1970s and 1980s style clothing. This song went on to win the Grammy Award for Record of the Year. It is also part of an animation channel that has become a worldwide phenomenon. The video has a lot of sexy content, but it is not a sexually explicit video.

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