To track a cell phone’s location, you just need to enter its phone number. A map will be generated with a precise location. Once you have this location, you can explore it and gain more information about the circumstances that are surrounding the phone. Using a phone tracker is a great way to keep an eye on someone’s whereabouts.


If you’ve been curious about someone’s location, you can use BeenVerified to find out more. This free service provides multiple pieces of information about a phone number, including the owner’s name, residential and social media profiles, and criminal and public records. Just input the phone number in the search box, hit the “Search” button, and your search will be done.

You can also access public records and social media accounts, as well as property records. After obtaining the owner’s information, you’ll be able to learn more about the person’s background and job history. You can start tracking the owner by entering the phone number in the search box, and then the service will return detailed reports. You can also find out the person’s age, email address, and social media accounts.

If you’re having trouble using the service, you can contact the company’s customer service department to help you out. The company has a toll-free hotline available to address any technical issues that you may encounter. The company also offers an email and postal address for inquiries and complaints.

BeenVerified works by combining massive databases of public information. Public records include social media accounts, criminal history information, and property records. This information can be easily accessed from both iOS and Android devices. The app can also be used to block nuisance calls. The website has a reverse phone lookup feature, and you can enter a phone number into the search box to find out its location.

Family Orbit

The Family Orbit app is a useful tool for parents to monitor the location of their children. Its features include monitoring a child’s cell phone usage, sending and receiving text messages, chatting, and sharing pictures. Parents can also set restrictions on the phone use of their children. For example, they can prevent their child from downloading certain apps. This app allows parents to monitor up to three people at one time. It also offers an extensive gps history.

Parents can also use the Family Orbit app to monitor their children’s internet activity. This app allows parents to get updates about where their children are at any time, and it can also help them find their children faster if they are lost. It also allows parents to create “safe regions” for their children to stay in – zones that will alert them if they leave the region.

Another useful family locator app is the Picniic. It keeps the family in sync with connected calendars, shopping lists, and to-do lists. There are also meal and recipe planners and a family locator. These features can save you from worrying about where your kids are.

Another great feature of this app is that it tracks multiple phone functions, so you don’t have to install any software onto your child’s device. In addition, this app also uses mobile geofencing technology. This means that if your child leaves a geofenced zone, you will receive a notification. The app also allows you to view the URLs visited by your child and provides access to photos and videos.

The Family Locator app is free to download and allows you to monitor the location of your family members. It can also provide you with alerts when your children leave home, enter school, or move. If you are worried about safety, you can even send a text message to their phone.


Spokeo is one of the best phone number trackers you can use to learn about the location of a phone number. It will help you get the name, address, and current location of the person behind the number. It can also identify various types of phone numbers, including landlines, cell phones, and VOIP. It can be used for free and requires just the phone number and name of the user.

If you’d like to unlock more features of Spokeo’s free version, you’ll need to unlock its premium membership. Then, you can use Spokeo to find out details about any phone number. It can help you reconnect with family members, old friends, and business associates. You can also use Spokeo to find contact details for unknown number. Spokeo also works with Intelius, a leading reverse phone lookup site. It provides a huge database of phone numbers from reputable sources.

Besides offering phone location information, Spokeo also has a dedicated app that can identify incoming callers. It can also tell you if a phone number belongs to a telemarketer or fraudster. Other features include updating contact profiles. Spokeo also has integration with Facebook Messenger.

Spokeo’s service is free and uses credible sources. You can even track a cell phone number free of cost. You can use it to locate your biological mother, identify a mysterious caller, or find out who your child is dating. Spokeo is used in virtually every industry, including healthcare, eCommerce, and legal proceedings.


GEOfinder is a program that can pinpoint the location of any cell phone. It works by sending messages to a target phone number that start with a harmless comment, followed by a link. The intended recipient must click the link to reveal their exact location. Then, the GEOfinder program will reveal the location on a map.

GEOfinder works with all types of smartphones, including those with batteries and SIM cards. It’s also cross-platform and compatible with multiple operating systems. It also works anonymously, so you can trace someone without exposing your identity. You can also use it to find out someone’s location without the person knowing.

The app is easy to use. It works with any cell phone network and requires only a target phone number. It’s possible to track random numbers on the phone, as well as those in a contact list. You can also send SMS messages to your loved ones to see where they are. GEOfinder is a good option if you want to find out the exact location of your loved ones.

To get started, download the GEOfinder app and install it on your phone. Once you’ve installed it on the phone, you can then send a message to the target’s phone. This text will appear as system generated text so the person won’t suspect anything is wrong. If you want, you can edit or remove the prefilled fields. Remember not to change the %link% field.


If you need to monitor a mobile device’s location, you may be interested in the uMobix mobile tracking app. This app works on Android devices and works in the background. It will track the target device without interruption or interference and will provide you with screenshots of the targeted device.

The application can be installed on Android and iOS devices, and doesn’t require you to root the phone to install it. It’s also compatible with uMobix-enabled dating apps, Telegram, and Skype. You can even set permissions for the app to access certain functions, like the camera and microphone of the target device. You can even monitor deleted content on the device, if you wish.

uMobix can also track SMS messages. It offers the sender’s details as well as the time of message receipts. It even groups text messages into conversations. Clicking on a conversation will open up a page with all the messages for that particular conversation.

uMobix’s call logs are updated every minute. Its dashboard allows you to view all the latest details about the target’s movements. You can also monitor phone calls and monitor their duration. This free service also collects a log of incoming and outgoing calls.

uMobix is one of the best cell phone tracking apps available. It does not require the user’s permission and has more GPS tracking capabilities than most other surveillance apps. It also comes with live customer support. It allows you to monitor your loved one’s mobile phone’s location as well as its past location history.

While most cell phone tracking apps require at least 30 minutes to track location, uMobix can do this within 5 minutes. Without GPS and an internet connection, it is virtually impossible to track a mobile device’s location. However, you can use telecom operator services to track the location of your target device.

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