Cricket fans can stay up-to-date on the latest updates and notable news by subscribing to Cricbuzz. Whether you’re a cricket fan or just curious about the game, Cricbuzz is a must-have. The Cricbuzz campaign works well to lure viewers. It also tries to keep the content interesting by coming up with games and challenges through social media influencers.


Advertising on Cricbuzz reaches 242 million users across the mobile web and desktop web. The company also offers CPM pricing and CPC on channels to reach the sports-minded consumers. The company’s social media pages feature talks and challenges. It also produces a cricket rap to hype up the upcoming IPL 2020 test series. The company is an excellent choice for advertisers looking to target consumers in the Indian sports market. In fact, the app is so popular that cricket enthusiasts from different countries flock to it for updates and news about cricket.

Besides its mobile application, Cricbuzz’s website is a social networking platform where cricket fans can post and share anything about the game. It is available in multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Bengali. It has a loyal following of over 25 million monthly users and offers cricket-related news, videos, and statistics. Users can post photos, videos, and comments regarding the game. Cricket fans and players can interact with each other on this platform by liking and sharing content and asking questions.

The revenue model of CricBuzz revolves around advertisements and promotions. Cricbuzz uses various mobile operators to provide live cricket score updates to their users at a fee. They also monetize their platform by displaying various advertisements on its mobile website and app. Currently, the company has partnered with InMobi for mobile advertising. By placing advertisements strategically, CricBuzz is able to generate a huge amount of revenue.

As far as the website itself goes, Cricbuzz is the most popular app for cricket news in India. Its website has live coverage of most international cricket matches and a mobile app that provides a wide variety of content. The Cricbuzz app has over 100 million downloads, while the Cricbuzz website has over 50 million users globally. The website has over 50 million users and generated 2.6 billion page views in Jan. 2015.

Cricbuzz is owned by the Times Internet, which owns the website. The app combines content, news, and social media. Its logo features a ball, showing the cricket spirit. The company also has different subsidiaries, including Times Sports, The Hindu, IndiaTimes, and IndiaTimes. The Cricbuzz logo are the most important features of the app, and it is important to note that the site has an impressive track record.

Cricbuzz offers ball-by-ball commentary, live scores, and exclusive editorials from around the cricket world. In a 24/7 world, it’s difficult to keep up with everything, but Cricbuzz’s content analysts create interesting content for cricket fans to read. Cricket fans can find information on the latest match scores, international schedules, and radio commentary on Cricbuzz. This app is definitely worth trying out. It’s the best cricket information app on the Windows Phone platform.

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