Who is Nicole Junkermann? She is a German entrepreneur. Her father was a prominent businessman who founded and operated a private banking firm. His father was the CEO of IFG Gesellschaft fur Immobilienbesitz mbH. He passed away in 2011 at the age of 83. His death came as a shock to his daughter. Her father was an accomplished investor. He founded a number of companies and served as CEO of others.

Nicole Junkermann is a German entrepreneur

The philanthropist and entrepreneur, Nicole Junkermann, is thought to be worth billions of dollars. However, her net worth is estimated to be at least $10 million. Nicole worked at In Front Sports and Media, a company that merged with Bridgepoint Capita in 2002. She later became one of its key investors. Today, she has several portfolio companies and is the director of the investment company.

A successful entrepreneur, Nicole Junkermann has invested in many business markets. She is an investor in online gaming platform Winamax. She also serves as an advisor for Trilantic Europe, a pan-European private equity firm. Born in Dusseldorf, Germany, Junkermann has lived all over the world. Her birthday is on April 27. She holds German citizenship and is married to Ferdinando Brachetti Peretti.

As an investor, Nicole Junkermann has also founded several startups. Her first investment was in Winamax, a digital football gaming portal. Later, she served as a strategic investor at Infront, which was acquired by Bridgepoint for $39 million. In 2007, she founded United in Sports, a sports-focused private equity fund. Her portfolio includes companies such as Dollar Shave Club and RelatelQ.

Aside from running her own businesses, Nicole Junkermann is also a co-chair of Magnum Global Ventures, a venture capital firm that owns the assets of the Magnum Photos company. She serves as a compass for the Healthtech industry, and is married to Ferdinando Brachetti. The couple has three children together: twins, Ava and Vita. Aside from these two entrepreneurs, she is also active on social media.

She is married to Ferdinando Brachetti Peretti

Having an extremely model-like appearance, Nicole Junkermann is a successful entrepreneur. She was born into a wealthy family with oil interests. Her father founded and ran a private banking firm for clients in Europe. She met Ferdinando Brachetti, an oil magnate, and the couple married in December 2017. Nicole Junkermann has been active on social media, including Instagram and Twitter.

A woman with many achievements, Junkermann founded the online football gaming portal Winamax, which was sold to Disney for 650 million dollars in 2001. She has also invested in several companies including Infront Sports and Media, a sports media rights agency. She has also founded and owned various companies, including United in Sports and Shanghai Really Sports. Her net worth in 2021 will be unknown, but she has invested a significant amount in many startups, including Revolut, Elvie, Groq, and Owkin.

Born in Germany, Nicole Junkermann lives in West London. She was raised by her parents, who were both successful businessmen. Her father, Heinz Junkermann, served as the CEO of IFG Gesellschaftfur Immobilienbesitz mbH and later founded an internet gaming company. She also patronized a soccer team in Shanghai. Her parents were very involved in her career and were proud to know that their daughter was the best in the world.

She has invested in early-stage companies

Businessman Nicole Junkermann is one of the most successful investors in London’s technology sector. She is particularly interested in the intersection of media and technology. This is a sector that will experience major breakthroughs in a number of industries, including healthcare. Junkermann’s background includes co-founding Gumtree, which was bought by eBay in 2000. She also co-founded Slando, an online dating service. She is one of the most active angel investors in London-based technology companies, and prefers to invest in early-stage businesses that have talented founders.

Junkermann has focused on experimental technology since 2011, and has invested in startups in robotics, genomics, and virtual reality. Her firm, NJF Holdings, has a portfolio of more than 30 companies. These include Swarm Technologies, a satellite company dedicated to bringing low-cost Internet connectivity to every corner of the world. Bolt, a payments stack, is also in the portfolio. Really Sports, a leading Chinese sports equipment retailer, has raised more than US$4 million in venture capital from Junkermann.

Internationally-based, Nicole Junkermann has invested in a number of disruptive technology companies and founded a sports private equity fund. She speaks six languages and has interests in venture capital and private equity. Her current portfolio includes fintech, deep tech, and healthcare companies. She has also invested in deep tech companies, including Songza and Dollar Shave Club. The investments she has made have been very successful, including a number of companies acquired by Salesforce and Unilever.

She is a contributor to internet gaming stage Winamax

Nicole Junkermann is the creator of the Internet gaming software Winamax. She is also an outstanding businesswoman and financial backer of the company. She has founded NJF, an investment firm that specializes in private equity and real estate. Furthermore, Nicole Junkermann is a contributor to the internet gaming stage Winamax. Her bio on Wikipedia confirms her position as an investor.

The company is a multi-billion dollar business with one of the highest market shares in the world. In 2017, Winamax recorded a $2 billion turnover and was among the largest online gambling companies. This is a result of its worldwide success. Gambling is legal in all parts of the world and this company wanted to reach everyone with its Internet gambling websites. It has offices in many countries.

She has a successful educational background. After graduating from university, she founded her first business, which she later sold. She later went on to become a director of LDCOM, which merged with Neuf Telecom to form Neuf Cegetel, the world’s second largest telecommunications company. She then co-founded Infront Sports and Media, which grew into a leading business in sports media rights. The company was eventually sold for over 650 million euros.

She is founder of NJF Holdings

Nicole Junkermann is a successful German entrepreneur and investor. Born in Dusseldorf, she currently resides in London. She has founded NJF Holdings, which consists of private equity, real estate, and investment companies. Her most recent venture was creating online sports betting platform Winamax. To date, she has not revealed her weight or body measurements, but she is described as being of average height and weight.

Nicole Junkermann is an international entrepreneur with interests in real estate, private equity, and venture capital. She is contributing to a company called Winamax that has a vision for the future of gaming and other industries. Her bio can be found on Wikipedia, where she describes her background and achievements. Nicole was a junior executive at In front Sports and Media in 2002, and later worked as a director at Bridgepoint Capital. Her early exposure to the business world contributed to her own success.

She is a member of the Advisory Council of Trilantic Europe

Nicole Junkermann is an international investor and entrepreneur. She founded NJF Holdings, which has interests in venture capital, private equity, real estate, and fintech. She currently oversees the healthtech portfolio at NJF Holdings and has served on the Advisory Council of Trilantic Europe. Junkermann also serves on the Department of Health and Social Care Healthtech Advisory Board. She speaks six languages and has experience in a range of sectors, including technology, healthcare, consumer industrials, TMT, and business services.

As a member of the Advisory Council of the firm, Nicole Junkermann brings extensive experience in technology and venture capital. She is fluent in six languages and has lived in six continents. She is an active investor and has invested in several technology companies. One of her investments, Songza, was acquired by Google in July 2014. Another venture she founded was United in Sports, which focused on the sports rights management business and was headquartered in Europe. In 2008, she was named Member of Infront, and then Vice Chairman in 2012.

She has extensive international experience in private equity investing, having worked with the Wunsche Group of companies in Madrid and Hamburg. She also founded Globaltronics, a consumer electronics company. She holds a B.S. in Accounting from Miami University and is fluent in Spanish and French. She is also a member of the Advisory Council of Trilantic Europe.

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