You might be interested in learning more about the Stabbing and Assault Case involving Michael Vaca and Brandi Williamson. These are just two of the many details surrounding this case. The real question is how the two were able to get away with it? The answer lies in the motive of their attackers. Read on to find out. Listed below are several possible theories. One theory involves the victim being attacked at a nightclub.

Michael Vaca

It was suspected that Matthew Vaca killed Brandi and threw her body into the river. After Brandi’s body was found, she ran to a nearby hospital and called the police. The body description and the criminal record of Matthew Vaca perfectly matched Brandi’s description. Matthew Vaca was out on probation at the time of Elizabeth’s murder, but he was arrested after several incriminating witness statements.

In the aftermath of the crime, Vaca pleaded guilty to several charges, including murder, aggravated robbery, kidnapping, and rape. Vaca was already serving time for another unrelated felony conviction in 1996, and he was under probation for it. He remains incarcerated at the Mansfield Correctional Institution, though he will be eligible for parole in 2096.

After killing Elizabeth, he tried to strangle Brandi Hicks in cold blood. The man drove to a railroad car atop the Tuscarawas River, and Brandi was dragged in. The man broke his knife in two and tried to strangle a second victim with sneaker lace. The killer was stopped by Brandi’s play-dead move and remained unconscious for hours.

The assailant tied Brandi’s hands to the steering wheel. He then forced her out of the car and stabbed her three times. During the attack, Elizabeth was almost decapitated. Her neck, back, and face were slashed multiple times. Police and medical examiners ruled out foul play. After a night of panic, Brandi and Elizabeth’s family have finally found closure.

Brandi Williamson

The murder of Brandi Williamson was a grisly event that shook the community. The family of the murdered schoolgirl sought justice and acquitted Matthew Vaca and Sheila Davis. They argued about who was responsible for Brandi’s murder. However, a witness claimed Matthew Vaca told his mother that his son had talked about killing the schoolgirl. Eventually, he was charged with her murder.

When confronted by authorities, Matthew Vaca confessed to the crime, showing them the crime scene and threatening to kill Brandi with a shotgun. Vaca was sentenced to life in prison, but was out on parole from an unrelated conviction in 1996. His parole was canceled, and he now spends his days in the Mansfield Correctional Institution. While his crime is a tragic one, his wife Brandi has maintained her innocence.

During the investigation, police uncovered that the man in the car ordered Brandi and Elizabeth to stop. The man pulled a gun and directed the girls into an isolated field. They tied Brandi’s hands to the steering wheel and followed him to the field. After the girls were tied, the man stabbed them in the neck three times. When police arrived at the scene, they discovered that Liz was almost decapitated. The man also admitted to stabbing Brandi in the back, face, and neck.

The crazed killer killed Elizabeth in cold blood and forced Brandi to witness the last moments of her sister. As the killer drove to a railroad car, he put her socks over his hands. He stabbed Brandi repeatedly, but couldn’t use the same knife that killed Elizabeth. As a result, he was able to escape. Despite the murder, Brandi, a survivor, decided to play dead instead of dying.


The death of Brandi Davis came to light when she was found slain in the river. Police believe that Matthew Vaca killed the schoolgirl and threw her body in the river. Although she was rushed to the hospital, she gave police a detailed description of the killer. Brandi’s mother, Sheila, reported her son’s involvement in the killing. Matthew Vaca was out on probation at the time of the killing. He was charged with her murder after numerous incriminating witness statements.

Brandi and Elizabeth were traveling to a concert and were stopped by an assailant. The man pulled a gun and demanded that they stop the car. He directed them to an isolated field. Brandi’s hands were tied to the steering wheel and the assailant stabbed her three times. She was almost decapitated. After the attack, police arrested the assailant and retrieved her body.

A man climbed into Brandi’s car and untied her. He attempted to strangle her neck three times, but Brandi fought against death and eventually came back to consciousness. The crazed killer had slipped his socks over his hands while driving. He then drove to a railroad car near the Tuscarawas River and assaulted her. He also strangled her using her laces.

Matthew Vaca’s crime was a shock to the city of Mansfield, Ohio. He pleaded guilty to several charges and avoided the death penalty. He was sentenced to life in prison in 2000, and was on parole for another conviction in 1996. He was later sentenced to an additional 22 and a half years and remains behind bars. However, the judge ruled that his sentence was too harsh and that Matthew must serve at least 96 years in prison.

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