Web conferencing is a term that covers many collaboration technologies. This kind of software permits users to make calls using an online application and also through local software downloads on a computer or the mobile device of their choice.

Web-based conferencing is a real-time application that can include training, meetings and lectures or presentations made using a computer connected to the internet. Our full-featured video conferencing software lets users work with their team in real-time by using audio, video or screen sharing.

WizIQ Meet is the best video conferencing platform that offers user-friendly interface interactive controls along with mobile video conference capabilities priced at a reasonable price. Thousands of businesses around the world consider WizIQ platform for their daily professional and collaboration needs.

The Key Features Of A Video Meeting Solution

1.      Built-In Collaboration Tools

Participants can utilise the screens on their computers to communicate their ideas and take notes during more interactive sessions. The majority of users do not have this option. The software allows two or more users to communicate in real time via internet-based or cloud-based platforms.

2.      Online Whiteboard

A highly interactive and feature-rich electronic whiteboard that is suitable to facilitate online meetings. Many Meeting Competitors don’t have these capabilities. The software transforms the basic elements for walls in conference rooms into virtual. It’s the ideal tool for teams that are far away in the video conferencing.

3.      Improved Function Of The Breakout Room

It is a more user-friendly, easy-to use feature that is easy to use and simple to use. This gives a seamless communications system an experience that is more simple and more clear, and perhaps more efficient.

4.      HD Video And Audio Sharing

The possibility of selecting the quality of your meetings’ audio or video according to your bandwidth. The list of businesses that utilise software is vast and diverse, but they are classified by their primary purpose.

5.      Security And Encryption

It adheres to all security laws and features full encryption. This feature allows for troubleshooting in real time and asynchronously more effectively.

6.      Scalable

The ability to scale meetings allows for many more participants who communicate simultaneously. Our meeting software is flexible, and our clients are able to choose the one which best meets their needs.

7.      Multilingual Support

Over 60 different languages are available for your meeting consideration. So your employees need to have an Internet connection, and they will have access to the portion of video conferencing they need for their job.

Final Affirmations!

Does your company conduct webinars or online meetings? Fortunately, there is a large market full of endless options for various types of video conference software.

In search of the best platform you can opt for WizIQ Meet that allows you to engage with the audience in live along with virtual events. The best part about this platform is that content sharing is presented, as well as options of meetings can be quickly scheduled and added to your calendar.

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