Buying a new laptop, after all, is quite a significant waste for most people, and I would very much like the purchased equipment to cope with its tasks, work for a long time and without breakdowns.

In order not to regret choosing a laptop, it is highly advisable, before going to the store to buy, to read the pros / cons of specific “pieces of iron” and make a choice

Notebook type and design: What to choose?

Probably, one of the most important things in choosing is to decide for what tasks you need a laptop. If for work (social networks, reading mail, working with Word, etc.) – this is one type of device, if for games – this is a completely different type.

As far as dimensions and weight are concerned, now there are both fairly large devices with 17-inch screens (more than 3-4 Kg, it is often problematic to carry with you), and quite compact ones (10-13 inches screen) and light (less than 1 kg) intended for everyday wear. I also note that due to the small weight and dimensions, performance often suffers. But with super device discount, now you can get amazing super laptop devices at reasonable prices.

Processor choice: What is better and more reliable

The eternal dispute, which is not one dozen years old. It is believed that it seems like AMD is better for games, Intel is better for calculations. I still recommend choosing an Intel CPU for a laptop, here’s why:

  • Firstly, they heat up less (very important for a laptop, where everything is located very compactly, and breakdowns often occur precisely due to overheating);
  • Secondly, for their cooling, a not so powerful cooler is needed, which means that the laptop will work quieter (usually it is);
  • Thirdly, intel processors are more energy efficient – this means that the laptop will be able to do without recharging for a longer time;
  • Fourthly, on average, laptops with intel CPUS last a little longer than those from AMD.

And in general, today, there are much more laptops on the Intel CPU on sale than from AMD – it’s easier and faster to make a choice

Choosing graphic card

In general, there are two types of video cards in laptops: integrated and discrete.


Suitable for normal work: Word, Excel, surfing in a browser, watching movies (even in Full HD format), etc. But it will be problematic to play games and process videos on it.

No, most old games should work fine, but with new ones there will be problems… I note that if battery life is important to you, then laptops without discrete video cards work a little longer.


More productive. Mainly needed for working with 3D graphics (games).

I note that laptops with a discrete graphics card are less reliable and durable than those with an integrated one. They are also more prone to overheating, and noisier during operation.

Hard drives

There are two types of drives in laptops: SSD (solid state drives) and HDD (classic hard drives). SSD drives are significantly faster, on average 4-5 times faster! Thanks to their installation, Windows can boot in 5-6 seconds! And in general, the system starts to work much more responsive and faster.

In general, in laptops, there is usually only 1 slot in which an HDD is already installed. To install an SSD, you need to either replace your HDD or buy a special one. container and install an SSD instead of a CD drive, or use the M.2 connector.

In general, I personally would recommend choosing laptops with an SSD drive: they are faster, weigh less, allow your device to last longer on battery power, and not be as afraid of shaking and vibration as an HDD (and a laptop is still a portable device). And the reliability of SSD drives is higher …

True, it is worth noting that laptops with SSD drives are slightly more expensive than those with HDD.


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