In these present times, where everything seems so fast-paced, it is important that you start investing more into your appearance and outfits. Today, most people believe in first impressions, whether at work or casual gatherings. In fact, first impressions are not that long as earlier, now it is limited to a few glimpses. Hence, it is really high time for you to rethink your wardrobe choices and demeanor if you want to make a difference in your life. 

A lot of times, people do not give thought to the littlest details of their outfit such as small accessories—rings, neckpieces, bracelets, watches, ties, or brooch. This applies for other accessories as well—hats, belts, lapels and pins or a high-quality bag. These may appear as mere accessories, but in reality, these can bring serious changes to your outfits and looks without you even realizing it. Every small detail matters even when you do not speak in the business world. The same principle applies in other occasions due to the gravity of the phrase—first impression is last impression. 

A guide to leather fedora hats

Therefore, without thinking much about how wrong you have been until now, let us guide you to style yourself up with an interesting accessory—leather fedora hat. If you are a fan of hats, it will not take you much time to get impressed by this brilliant invention. If you do not like hats, please give this a read and know about the versatility of a single leather hat for all your formal and informal events. Remember, accessorizing is the secret here. 

  • Jazz it up with a tuxedo: 

When you think of a leather fedora hat, what outfit does naturally come to your mind? It has to be a supreme quality tuxedo that blends nicely with the fedora quality and colour. If you need to attend a business meeting this weekend or a wedding reception of a family member/friend, this is what will make you look out of the box. For men with a great height and physique, this will look perfectly fine and it is needless to say that you will love how the whole look will turn out. However, you need to be considerate about the quality and colour of the tuxedo and see if it fits with those of your headwear. Also, choose a decent pair of pointed boots to complement the look.

  • Make your casual look formal:

It is one of the trends of recent times that has made formal outfits more wearable than before. All you need to do is get a nice pair of denims and play with your upper wears till you find the perfect fit. Remember to keep the colours as formal as possible. This will create a good mix of formal and casual look for you. You may try out summer jackets or blazers and wear it over a casual solid coloured tee. Put everything together with the leather fedora hat and you are good to go!

  • Go urban:

Many men do not like to go formal even a little. Hence, it is convenient for them to try out urban looks using a leather fedora hat. The material being leather really makes this look authentic and urban. According to your aesthetics, you can wear a pair of rustic trousers and layers of upper wear. Top these off with the leather fedora hat to complete the urban look. You may also use other accessories such as rings, belts and a large dial watch to make the look even more interesting.

  • How about leather on leather?

If you happen to live in a cold country, there is no way to wear anything without layers. The good news is that you can layer up leather jackets and trench coats with a pair of leather pants and of course—a leather fedora. This will make you look super chic and also make you feel warm against the winter winds. In cold regions, leather is one of the most preferable materials to be fashionably relevant and survive the cold. So, give this look a try and see the difference with a mere leather hat.

  • Layer up:

If you are not comfortable with leather outfits, you can alternatively layer up using other materials such as wool and felt. Just add the leather hat in the end and see how wonderful your whole outfit turns out!

Final Remarks

Hopefully, this article could change your mind from a conventional rigid to a more flexible and realistic one. If you observe the dressing style of millionaires and billionaires, you will notice how much thought they give into every minute detail of their outfits. Even when they do not wear something really extravagant, you will notice they always grab attention by the subtle accessories they wear. This can be applied to you as well if you want to change the way you come across in a business meeting or a family outing. Accessorize and make dull outfits look outstanding. 

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