When you were in school, stuffing your running shoes and wet shorts into a high-street drawstring bag could have been quite normal. But not as a fully-grown guy who has ideally progressed from Lynx Africa to cologne by this point.

For males, a good workout bag is frequently an afterthought. However, if you’re already struggling to get yourself out the door for a workout, the last thing you need is your substandard sports bag to serve as yet another potential reason to stay at home.

When you bring your workout gear to work, make sure it’s in something at least halfway acceptable. The greatest Gympapåsar do not resemble PE equipment but rather another stylish piece, and they will contain anti-odour pockets.

A sophisticated, fashionable holdall communicates that you take pleasure in looking well-dressed. On the other hand, a plastic carrier bag implies that you soiled yourself and needed to borrow some pants from lost property. You don’t have to be David Gandy to figure out which of these looks is the one to go for.

So, with that in mind, here’s our list of the best Gympapåsar for guys and why they’re worth having in your locker.


Until recently, the daily backpack was quite unfashionable. Herschel, a trendy Canadian luggage company, managed to revamp its image nearly overnight, almost single-handedly.

The brand is well-known for its traditional canvas bags with brown leather accents. Take a walk through practically every metropolis on the planet, and you’ll undoubtedly come across more than a handful of them. Herschel’s holdalls are tough, discreet, and fashionable, making them a great casual alternative for transporting your exercise gear from home to HIIT class.


Since the 1970s, Nike has been one of the indisputable leaders in sportswear, producing everything from famous sneakers to top-tier gym bags to carry them in.

Nike’s streamlined shapes, elegant branding, and technologically advanced features have become brand trademarks, making it the brand of choice for everyone from savvy sneakerheads to Olympic athletes. Its broad collection includes anything from military-themed backpacks with storage for everything to fashion-forward designs inspired by the Air Force 1 sub-brand.


What’s more agonising than a post-workout aerobic session? Of course, a post-workout cardio session in drenched gym clothes.

Whatever the weather, Rains, a Danish raincoat expert, will ensure that you get your gear from work to gym bone dry and fresh. The bags are fashioned from the same water-resistant fabric as the brand’s jackets, so you’ll never have to worry about soggy shorts again. At least not before your session.


Don’t wear German sportswear. Adidas has been around for a lot longer than most, and the company first entered the market in the 1920s and has since created some of the world’s most famous and important sporting items.

Adidas, like Nike, is a brand you can buy with total trust. Pick your new gym bag here, and you’ll receive a variety of backpacks, holdalls, duffels, and extras like removable shoe pockets and laptop sleeves and sports pedigree.


Under Armour has just been on the scene since the late 1990s, which is not a long period in a sector like sportswear. However, it developed from a one-person operation selling sports gear out of the back of a car to a global force to be reckoned with and Dwayne Johnson’s gym equipment of choice quickly.

This is because this brand’s equipment and gear are among the best available. It’s durable, technological, and designed with busy lifestyles, so expect waterproofing, well-thought-out compartments, and comfy straps from its Gympapåsar a dependable friend in the fight against man boobs.


Sustainable companies are more important than ever in a world where rapid fashion and its environmental consequences are becoming increasingly harder to ignore. Since its inception, Patagonia has maintained a commitment to keeping things green, with unique dying techniques, low-key design, and simplicity serving as a calling card.

As a result, the brand’s goods are equally popular among style-conscious city inhabitants and ecologically conscientious rock climbers. And its baggage is among of the most durable and functional on the market. Consider double-coated waterproofing and features tailored to hikers, climbers, and trail runners.


Herschel may have popularised the daily pack, but Eastpak created simple, elegant backpacks long before they were fashionable. That’s not to imply Eastpak’s bags aren’t cool — just the contrary.

The recognised baggage brand has become the go-to for unconventional lifestyles, with clients ranging from extreme sports adrenaline addicts to musicians. Its slim backpacks are ideal for office professionals who work out at lunchtime, and its most technological bags come with a 30-year warranty. That’s self-assurance.


Lululemon’s yoga-inspired athletic wear will be just up your alley if you’re a fan of granola bars and meditation.

The company is recognized for its attractive, high-quality items and their hefty price tags. However, if your main aim is to transport your exercise gear from point A to point B in style while being the envy of everyone at the pilates class, there is no other bag to consider.


Even if you don’t live in a metropolis, it’s reasonable to assume you won’t be carrying your suitcase over mountain passes to go to the gym. However, if you really must, The North Face is one of the only brands you can rely on to get you up there in one piece.

TNF’s distinctive holdalls are crafted from hardwearing, waterproof fabrics and intended to resist hammering. The company is known for its adventure-proof outdoor gear and accessories. It’s good to know, even if it’ll merely spend most of its time in the locker room.


If you’re the guy who views the world as a runway, you’ll understand that looking good doesn’t have to end at the gym. The first step is to invest in a high-quality bag to store your training stuff.

Carl Fredrik is a brand known for high-quality leather items that look attractive but aren’t ideal for storing wet, sweaty workout gear. Fortunately, there are also similarly sleek canvas choices that will keep you looking dapper without trapping the dampness from your filthy socks inside. 

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