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Meta – Are you looking for the best stock trading app in India? If yes, here is what must need to know about some of the best choices. 

In today’s technological age, when every sector has been embracing technology like never before, stock trading is no exception. Today, most stock brokers and investors prefer to trade through digital medium like stock trading app that brings along high levels of ease and effectiveness. 

Even, when it comes to choosing the best stock broker in India, most discount brokers in India have more or less a similar brokerage structure. The main difference lies in the technological advantage they provide. For example, if a stock broker has a stock broking app that enjoys minimal downtime, most investors would like to go with the same due to its increased reliability. 

Whether you are a full time investor or an occasional one, choosing the best trading app in India is necessary as this is what sets the difference between profit the loss. A good trading app gives the investors more control over the transactions without presenting usual technical glitches. 

Though almost every stock broker has its own trading app to offer, making the right choice is extremely necessary to experience ease, value, and returns. In most cases, the popularity of a trading app is determined by its number of downloads, compatibility with the latest mobile operation systems, user reviews, and other rankings. 

So, for your references, here are some of the best stock trading apps in India to choose from. 

  1. Zerodha Kite

Undoubtedly, Zerodha Kite is the best trading app in India and the reason is its acceptability in the stock trading landscape. Being a frontrunner in discount broking landscape, Zerodha is also considered among the top stock brokers in India. 

Launched its operations in 2012, Zerodha has come a long way in the industry by offering unmatched stock broking services in the form of discount broking. In regard to Zerodha Kite, the app has an easy user-interface. All the important fields in the app are mentioned in a clean and clear manner which makes the overall navigation quite easy. 

The app is very lightweight and doesn’t make your phone slow during the usage. Its key features are:

  • Single-tap universal tool search for all contracts across all stock exchanges – NSE, MCX, and BSE
  • Live streaming market data
  • Multiple market watch and live market insights
  • Next-level chart with 100+ indicators
  • Free historical chart data of past several years
  • Different order types: Usual, AMO, BO (Bracket orders), CO (Cover orders)
  • Best trading app in India for both novice and experienced traders
  1. Upstox PRO

The next on the list is Upstox PRO. It is backed by Upstox, one of the best stock brokers in India, previously known as RKSV Securities. Upstox has a backing of none other than, Mr Ratan Tata. 

The brokerage charges of Upstox are in line with Zerodha. The app is quite easy to use and this is what makes it the best trading app in India. 

The salient features of Upstox PRO are:

  • Universal search functionality to discover easy and complex stocks.
  • Charts of different intervals, kinds and drawing styles
  • Option to apply 100+ technical indicators on real-time basis
  • Chart-based Trading with the help of Trade From Charts (TFC) feature
  • Define unlimited number of price alerts for quick updates
  • Design unlimited number of personalized watch lists
  • Past data for the previous 10 years
  1. Angel Broking Mobile App

Having more than 30 years of industry expertise, Angel Broking is one of the prominent names in the stock broking landscape. Previously, Angel Broking was based on full-service broking model but later they shifted to discount broking system. For example, on equity delivery, there is no brokerage whereas for other segments, the flat rate of Rs. 20/transaction is applicable. 

Based on the latest technology, Angel Broking Mobile App makes stock trading easier, smother, and faster. Some of its leading advantages are:

  • Check multiple Index with real time price quotes
  • Intraday charts & news, live updates about leading market gainers & losers
  • Real-time market information streaming
  • Create customized device watch lists
  • Get last 10 transactions across DP, Ledger, and Funds reports right through the app
  • Transfer funds & securities from one place
  1. 5Paisa Online Mobile Trading App

Backed by IIFL, 5Paisa is counted among the top 10 stock brokers in India.  Their brokerage stands at Rs 20/executed order, as compared to Upstox and Zerodha. However, delivery brokerage doesn’t incur any charges. 

The most interesting thing about this trading app is its Guest Login feature. You can easily log in to the app and check its features without opening a real account. 

Major Features of 5Paisa Online

  • Quick Demat Account opening feature right through the app
  • Real-time stock market quotes from NSE & BSE 
  • Guest Login feature
  • Auto Investor functionality that leads to a fully modified mutual fund investment bucket
  • Option to invest in top Mutual Funds by using simple to use screening tools 
  1. IIFL Market Trading App

IIFL is one of the leading stock brokers in the country and has been offering its services from 1995. For market insights and valuable research reports, IIFL is considered the best resource available to investors today. 

However, the brokerage charges of IIFL are a bit more than Zerodha and other stock brokers in India. 

IIFL Market trading app is primarily known for its analytical features that provide investors a detailed overview of the market which further helps in investing in the right stocks. 

Salient Features of IIFL Market Trading App

  • Single tap access to market information related to BSE, NSE, NCDEX, and MCX 
  • Top gainers and losers and several other data groups
  • Latest developments, informs of live markets quickly and easily
  • Multiple, customizable 
  • Research-based stock investment tips which helps in better decision making

The Conclusion

If you want to make big returns on your stock investment ventures, choosing the best trading app in India is very important. This is because technology has become an essential part of stock investment these days. So, do thorough research before finalizing a particular stock broker in India. 

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