When it concerns designing your logo, you don’t have to stick to one certain style. Some of the most effective logos include many features. Though a basic image might be the most concise logo, many firms effectively blend multiple design features with their content to produce a memorable logo. A combination logo design may be the ideal answer if you’re having trouble finding the correct solo logo graphics or wish to combine a picture with a strong logotype.

Image or icon logos including words are the two basic types of logos.

Combination marks consist of two elements:

  • The name of the company or initial spelling in a certain typeface.
  • Objects and shapes that serve to symbolize the business

While some companies employ only one of these two aspects in their logo, others mix the two to form a combination mark. Because it blends the effects of these two strong design components, this type of logo may be quite effective.

How to Make a Combination Mark with Word and Symbol

You may mix your symbol with text in a variety of ways. Here are some of the most frequent techniques to make a combination mark, as well as some popular combination logo design examples to help you come up with your style.

Horizontal Combination Logo Layout

Because it doesn’t involve any extra organizing or stacking, a side-by-side arrangement may be the most common technique to merge two unique logo parts. Most designers typically produce text that is proportional to the icon’s size to obtain a horizontal combination mark. If the font is too heavy or light for the icon in this design layout, the result will be an aesthetically unbalanced design.

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Over the years, the Microsoft logo has experienced significant design modifications. The newest version has four colored squares (window panes) next to the typography, rather than just a logotype.


To represent lumber, this iconic apparel and shoe manufacturer utilizes a leafless tree. The classic Timberland logo appears right next to the prominent Timberland name on the website. Timberland, on the other hand, is fast to switch things up whether they wish to stack elements or simply utilize one (like only the emblem on their shoes).


Bumble is another brand that layers its logos or utilizes merely its emblem. This logo, on the other hand, was created to sit next to the honeycomb picture, which has a comparable height. The golden hues contribute to the overall feeling of sweetness and joy.

Stacked combination logo layouts

When you stack your symbol atop the logotype, you may get a more compact logo that seamlessly blends in square or circular shapes (like a social media profile picture). Combination logo design for businesses with shorter names may be easier to stack.

The symbol element of the design may usually be significantly larger in a stacked logo than in a horizontal style. The icon element should generally equal the width of the name or fit within the letters in some way to produce a compact design, but this isn’t a specific rule.


A brilliant red sun-like emblem is used by this large brand for information and communications technology (ICT). The petals represent the Chinese word “hua,” which means “flowers” or “luxury,” while the second part of the name is a Chinese term that signifies “achievement.”


Since the 1980s, the design of this logo hasn’t altered significantly. The firm selected the easy way of placing the protective crocodile immediately over the extremely plain logotype to signify the founder’s moniker (René “the Crocodile” Lacoste).

Drunk Elephant

The biocompatible skincare and cosmetics company’s logo is an abstract elephant that sits over a reasonable serif typeface.

Integrated combination logo layouts

Create a combined logo with the typeface residing within the icon for a more coherent design. Make sure the logotype doesn’t get buried in an overly busy symbol while developing your logo. Here are a few examples to help you understand what I’m talking about:


A combination logo design is used by this black-owned skincare business for darker skin tones to convey their devotion to natural beauty. Bolden’s “O” is artistically blended with a leaf motif in the logotype for a unique design element.


The Lay’s logo shouts “potato chips” more than anything else. The attention-grabbing red flag on the yellow sun (or a potato or chip). This combo logo’s bright colors evoke sentiments of comfort and exhilaration.

Burger King

Burger King utilized the logotype sandwiched between two buns to create an illustrated burger. The King recently ditched the blue circle in favor of a flat retro logo akin to those seen in the 1960s and 1990s.

Wrapping Up

The exciting aspect of developing a logo is that there are no hard and fast rules to adhere to. It all boils down to what works best for your company.

Now that you understand the benefits of a combo logo, it’s time to create your own! To get started, use our logo creation tool right now to create a logo for your business.

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