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Aavaz Free online PBX system, also known as a cloud-based phone system, uses VoIP phone technology to establish calls without requiring any on-premises hardware or legacy technology. With a free online PBX system, you just need is a high-speed internet connection.

There are several advantages to hosting your phone service in the cloud, including cheaper monthly business phone costs and increased mobility.  Hundreds of companies, from small businesses on the go to large enterprises running call centers, benefit from the unlimited possibilities that only a cloud-based phone system will provide.

The question remains, are they the ideal PBX system for all?

Our in-depth comparison of the benefits and drawbacks of cloud-based phone systems will help determine the best decision for your business.

Advantages of Free Online PBX System

  1. Cost-cutting


On-premises phone systems are generally more expensive than cloud-based phone systems. If you want to save money on communications, cloud telephony is the way to go.

Cloud telephony is cheaper than an on-site system because a cloud phone system depends on your broadband connection whereas a legacy phone system usually comes with additional costs, such as:

  • Purchasing an on-premises PBX in advance.
  • Regular upkeep costs.
  • Add-ons include call queueing, call barge-in features, and more.

Advanced VoIP phone technology saves you up to 60% on your business communication costs.

With free local numbers, toll-free numbers, and low-cost international calls, a free online PBX system help you save money. A traditional landline can never give you the same quality of benefits for the same price.

  1. Improved Dependability & Effectiveness

Dependability and effectiveness 

Did you know that in the case of a disaster, a free online PBX system will still keep your company operating?

Consider scenarios where things will likely go bad for your business due to factors beyond your control, such as natural disasters, computer security, and even human mistakes. Is your company prepared to face these threats? Would their personal data be kept private?

The major drawback of an on-premises PBX system is that it is dependent on a single place. Most companies cannot afford to take such a risk. On the other hand, a free online PBX system relies on remote data centers and redundancy. This means that if one data center fails, another will take over and your business will continue to operate normally.

  1. Shortened Deployment and Configuration Time

Reduce deployment and configuration time 

Your phone system must not restrain your company’s development.

With a traditional phone system, the expansion will become time-consuming and burdensome. Each new employee’s phone number would require the addition of new phone lines and ports, which could take weeks. That’s a significant amount of lost revenue and productivity for the company.

You can grow your business at any time with a free online PBX system because it ensures that all of your business communications remain operational, regardless of how quickly your company growing. Your employees’ collaboration and productivity will skyrocket throughout the day once you implement a cloud-based phone system.

  1. Upkeep is Scaled Back

Reduced Upkeep 

Traditional PBXs are expensive to set up and maintain, requiring a significant amount of resources like time and money.

Specialists must be dedicated to keeping legacy phone systems up to date on a regular basis. This burden falls on your already overburdened IT staff, or it necessitates the hiring of outside contractors. As a result of malfunctions and repairs, this becomes more difficult.

A free online PBX system is much more cost-effective because your VoIP phone provider handles maintenance and upgrades. It’s completely managed off-site, and it’s a top priority for them. Most reputable cloud phone service providers back up their products with excellent customer service that is available 24/7. 

  1. Powerful Calling Features

Powerful calling features 

A free online PBX system will give you access to almost any VoIP phone feature you can think of. 

Here are a few examples:

  • Call forwarding with advanced features
  • Calls are automatically recorded.
  • Email or text voicemail
  • On-hold music in call queues
  • Caller ID that is unique to you
  • Conferencing with a single click
  • Auto attendants with multiple levels
  • Call logs and analytics

Access to powerful VoIP phone features means that you’ll be able to provide excellent customer service even during peak seasons.

  1. Easily Facilitates Remote Work 

Remote working 

With their out-of-date PBX systems and clumsy wiring, traditional phone systems are unable to meet today’s demands. With many businesses planning to build a remote workforce, you can do so with a free online PBX system and VoIP phone features.

Remote working capabilities are available right out of the box, without any complex setup. 

With a free online PBX system, your team can:

  • Maintain the same phone number so that customers and coworkers can reach you.
  • A VoIP phone app allows you to make and receive phone calls.
  • Advanced features such as call forwarding, virtual voicemail, and call recording are available.
  • Use HD Voice capabilities to communicate clearly and with significantly better call quality.
  1. Centralized Communications 

Centralized communications 

It’s simple to centralize all of your business communications in a single platform when your phone system is internet-based, and you don’t have to configure any infrastructure or telecommuting technology.

Unified Communications as a Service is a solution that includes phone calls, video conferencing, instant messaging, conference calls, and file sharing. It boosts productivity and collaboration for both on-site and remote workers. Everyone has access to the communication tools they require daily.

Employee onboarding is faster, and meetings are more efficient with a free online PBX system. It breaks down the barriers with older communication systems and gives you total control over your telecommunication. 

Disadvantages of Free Online PBX System

  1. Need For Better Networking Equipment

Need for better networking equipment 

The requirement for advanced networking equipment such as routers and switches is one of the key disadvantages of a cloud-based phone system. A router’s job is to divide networks, allocate IP addresses, and control network bandwidth. Since Wi-Fi does not function properly through walls, you will need a wireless connection as most employees use laptops and softphones. 

  1. Need For High-Speed Internet Connection

Need high-speed internet connection 

Although a free online PBX system only requires a reliable internet connection, you will lose all of the advantages of moving your phone system to cloud if your internet connection fails. 

  1. Limited Data For Emergency Services

Limited data for emergency services 

When calling for emergency services, phone calls made using a VoIP system might not have accurate location data attached. When you call an emergency call center, the operator might not know where you are or even your phone number. Calls are routed to the nearest PSAP based on the account holder’s address by default which can be very risky while trying to avail emergency services.

  1. Lag and Jitter

Lag and jitter 

Other call shortcomings you might encounter with cloud-based systems include latencies and connectivity issues. It’s simply an element of wireless networks.

Here’s how a VoIP phone call works:

  • Calls are transformed into a datagram and sent to the other party’s network over the internet. It’s then converted back to audio for the other end to hear.

There are numerous servers between your internal network, ISP, and VoIP phone provider. Two common VoIP phone system issues are network jitter and packet latency.

Jitter can result in choppy audio or missed or dropped calls, meaning callers may experience a brief delay or echo in a conversation due to latency. In most cases, it is undetectable, but it can be bad for businesses with frustrated customers in extreme cases. 


When companies migrate to the cloud, we’ve seen a lot of success because the advantages outnumber the disadvantages. It can be a daunting task, but you can achieve great success with a little forethought. A traditional landline can never compare to the benefits of moving your office phone system to cloud.

 All you need now is the right vendor to help you along the way, and that is where Aavaz comes in handy.

With Aavaz, you get customized VoIP phone solutions based on your business needs that will help make your transition to a free online PBX system painless and easy. Contact Aavaz today and get started on your cloud-telephony journey.

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