QuickBooks Error Code 6123, 0 occurs when a user attempts to restore backups of the company’s file. The error pops up suddenly without warning and can disrupt QuickBooks files operations. Limitations on firewalls, corrupt data files, or an antivirus program could be the primary reason behind the error. Additionally, it can occur when opening a file for a company through Multi-user networks. This issue can be solved quickly by following the troubleshooting procedures that are described in this post. However, we must first understand the root causes of the error.

Cause For QuickBooks Error Code 6123

Sometimes, the user downloads Quickbooks Desktop Tool Hub incorrectly and attempts to restore QuickBooks’s company files using a backup disk leading to the 6123 issue. More reasons for QuickBooks Error Code 61230 are:

  • Restoring company files using an external device for storage.
  • The network connection was interrupted by the Host server.
  • Corrupt QuickBooks Company file.
  • Firewall settings are blocking QuickBooks to start the file.
  • McAfee Antivirus software is installed onto your system. It poses a problem in communication with QuickBooks Services.
  • Corrupt Windows.

Fixes for Quickbooks Error Code 6123: Permanent Solutions

We have now learned the reasons that can cause this error. Now it’s time to find out the strategies to help you eliminate QuickBooks error code 6123.  Let’s not waste any time and check out the best techniques each one by one:

Solution 1: Using QuickBooks Tools Hub to Rectify Error Code 6123

Intuit has created a specially-designed QuickBooks Desktop Tool Hub that can repair all types of QB errors. It is a tool that could also help fix QuickBooks errors 6123. If you have the tool hub already installed then check its newest version from the “About Section”. If it’s not up-to-date, download the most recent version available on the website of Intuit. Thereafter, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the Newest Version of Tool Hub
  • Firstly visit Intuit site.
  • Thereafter download the file “QuickBooksToolHub.exe”. 
  • When the download is complete, initiate the install process, and observe the on-screen steps.  
  • Click on Finish.
Step 2: Using “Program Problem” Via Tool Hub
  • Firstly, close QuickBooks.
  • Now on your desktop, tap on the Quickbooks Desktop Tool Hub icon to launch it.  
  • Thereafter, click “Program Problems”.  
  • Tap “QuickFix my Program”.  
  • Be patient for a while while the tool completes its work to find the issue.
  • In the end, open Quickbooks and continue working once the tool has finished resolving the error.  
Step 3: Using File Doctor Tool

If you’re still receiving the error then you should run File Doctor via Quickbooks Desktop Tool Hub to fix it. the steps are:

  • Firstly, visit the ‘Company File Issues’ component after opening the tool hub.   
  • Thereafter tap on the green button that says “Run QuickBooks File Doctor.’  
  • Once the tool is opened, click “Download”.
  • Pick the error-related file or tap “Browse” in case you are unable to locate your file.  
  • Locate the file with the name “[company’s name].qbw.Thereafter mark the box “Check your file”.  
  • Tap on “Continue” and fill in the credentials if prompted.  
  • The tool will begin the repair after you hit the “Continue” button.  
  • In the end, hit “Open QuickBooks” after the repairing process is finished.   

Examine if the issue has been solved. If it is not continue to the next repairing step.

Solution 2: Renaming.TLG and.ND File

  • Firstly, open that particular folder having your company file.
  • Choose the.ND file.
  • Then right-tap on the same and choose “Rename”.
  • Rename the .file to.OLD.
  • Change the name of the.TLG file the same manner.
  • Next, access your QB company file.

Solution 3: Moving Company File To a Separate Location

To determine whether the path to the file is causing the error, you need to change the location of the company file. Then open the file via a new location. The steps are:

  • Find the folder where you’ve stored your company’s files.  
  • Thereafter, right-tap on your company file and choose “Copy”.
  • Then, ensure that you copy the correct file using its extension. QBW.  
  • Now come to your desktop.  
  • Moving on, right-tap on a blank area of the desktop and choose “New”. Then click on “Folder”.  
  • In the end, open the file from this new location.  

Solution 4: Creating a New Window User

Users can encounter this QuickBooks error code 6123 if there are some issues with the existing Windows User Login. Steps to rectify it are:

  • Firstly, open the “Control Panel”.  
  • Navigate to “User”.
  • Thereafter choose “Create New User”   
  • Hit “Administrator User Type”.  
  • Log out from your current account.
  • Then, restart your system and log in via new user credentials.   
  • Shift your company file to “Desktop”.  
  • In the end, open QuickBooks and open the company file as well.  

Solution 5: QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Tool

Another way to restore your company’s files safely is to utilize QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery. The steps are:

  • Create a new folder and name it “QBTest”.  
  • Browse to the folder that contains your company’s files.  
  • Then, find “.tlg file” from the company file’s list. 
  • Copy the folder, then add it to the folder that you have created.  
  • Now launch the tool named the “QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery”.  
  • Then, copy “.QBW.adr file” then paste it there in the newly created folder. In the end, you will have “QBW.adr” and “.tlg.file” within one folder.  
  • Access the new folder then right-tap on “.QBW.adr file”. Choose”Rename”.
  • Remove “.Adr” from the file’s end.
  • Now run “QuickBooks Program” and access “QB Company File” which was saved in the new file.  
  • Thereafter, check that the transactions are intact within your database.  
  • Once done, check the data by navigating to:   
    • “File”   
    • “Utilities”.   
    • Tap on “Verify Data”.   

Finally you can move the corrupt company files to a new location and acess it from there. This method helps restore the company files by eliminating Quickbooks error 6123 permanently.

Final Words

This article covers the important elements of Quickbooks Error 6123 and how users can repair it with manual and automatic methods.  We hope this article has helped you to rectify the 6123 issue completely from your system.

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