Having your vehicle maintained with the best quality products is just as important as buying one. Most of us tend not to put effort into the aftercare of our vehicles despite it being necessary. Carorbis, established back in 2019 is a fast-growing startup based in India and focuses on providing high quality premium auto parts and accessories at affordable prices.

Available all over India, Carorbis’ motive is to provide you the best and finest customer service at your doorstep while providing you the allowance to choose products for your vehicles.

Our Motive and Mission

Carorbis firmly believes it is necessary to treat our cars and bikes with the best possible accessories. The Indian market place being scarce in a wide range of vehicle maintenance products interested our founder, Rishab Jain to form this startup hence, allowing our customers to experience premium quality services at their reach. Our motive is to make premium automobile accessories available to customer’s all across India at a reasonable rate. 

Why Should You Choose Us?

We provide a wide variety and range of products reaching hundreds of trusted automotive brands and over 10000 parts. 

All of our products are provided to you at an affordable price so anyone can have access to the best experience.

We provide sellers that are certified distributors and importers of the brand and you are promised to receive genuine products.

We value our customers and work hard to make your experience seamless and satisfying with experts to guide you through the whole process.

Return or Exchange Policy

We, here at Carorbis, work to provide only the best and finest products to our customers. Almost every product available on our site falls under the category of return and exchange. Some of the products that are not available for this service are mentioned alongside them. However, the final decision regarding the return and exchange lies at the discretion of the respective seller.

Authenticity and Quality Contents

We provide genuine and guaranteed products by our premium sellers since satisfaction of our customers falls under top priority for us and our team works hard to provide our best service to you. Thorough background check on vendors and the products are done before they are made available to the consumers through our site. Our quality assurance team solely focuses on checking every aspect about the products beforehand to ensure best service quality.

Security Policy

Carorbis respects the security and ensures safe online shopping through secure connection, data protection, identity protection, safe and secure refunds. We provide an SSL for utmost security of our customers and protection from any forms of cyber threat. Authentication, Encryption, Integrity and Non-Reputability are therefore ensured to our customers for a safe and sound shopping experience. 

Get In Touch

Carorbis provides you user friendly customer support. Get in touch with us through our email, help@carorbis.com or chat with us via Live Chat box provided on the site for any questions regarding our services or any purchases.

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