2021 was quite the rush when it came to series and box sets, with incredibly binge-able numbers like the smashing hit ‘squid game’, the much-awaited Gossip Girl Reboot, and some super hyped-up upcoming movies like the brand-new hi-tech Spider-Man. 

However, with the BBC iPlayer content line-up for 2022, it looks like the new year will be even better than the last! We’ll be getting to see a whole bunch of fresh new faces on screens of all sizes. 

If you’re about done with all the top-rated series and box sets on BBC iPlayer, you’re on just the right blog. In this post, we’re going to be talking about some of the best TV shows and box sets coming out on BBC iPlayer in 2022. If the streaming is not supported in you region then try using vpn to watch BBC iPlayer from abroad.

Let’s start with the one we’re all anxiously waiting for. 

‘Doctor Who’ Specials

Starring Jodie Whittaker, Aisling Bea, and John Bishop, this show is the best way to kick of the start of a whole new year of incredible shows! This New Year’s Day special will feature Jodie Whittaker reuniting with Sarah, played by Aisling Bea, the ELF storage unit owner, to fight off Daleks while being stuck in a time loop.

If this isn’t enough to excite you, here’s more; the New Year’s Special isn’t all of the ‘Doctor Who’ developments for 2022! A second special is all set to come out in spring which Jolie’s special outing will again follow as the Doctor in the fall of the same year. 

Ready for some intense Doctor Who action this year? Well, who isn’t? Let’s get on with the list while we wait! 


Remember when Christopher Eccleston used to play the Time Lord in ‘Doctor Who’? Good times, right? If you’ve been missing him as much as we have, we have news; he’s starring in the all-new ‘Dodger’ coming out on BBC iPlayer in early 2022. 

‘Dodger’ is essentially an ‘Oliver Twist’ prequel set in a time well before the events of Dicken’s novel took place. Eccleston plays the role of a skilled Victorian criminal who happens to gather a group of amateur pick-pockets under his tutelage. 

This group includes ‘Dodger,’ played by Billy Jenkins. Created as a family drama, this one looks like it will be a good watch for people looking for something to watch in the ‘slice of life’ genres. Feels like your kind of thing? While we don’t know the exact dates yet, we know that you won’t have to wait long for this one to come out!

The Capture—Season Two

Missed DI Rachel Carey after she took on the case of a soldier being accused of a heinous crime in season one? So have we! The good news is that you can grab your popcorn and start clearing out your evening schedule because this girl is back with another hot case. 

The case involves an ambitious politician, Isaac Turner, played by Papaa Essiedu, some deepfake technology, and assassins who would instead attack from the dark. To solve this case, Carey must be ready to stand up against a corrupt but powerful establishment, get involved in conspires regarding Big Tech, and even put untrustworthy colleagues on the line.

Coning out in 2022 with the exact dates unknown, we’re hoping that the wait is worth the story! 

The Split—Season Three

Been feeling on edge all year and feel like you need a good cry? Said to be ‘the most dramatic and heartbreaking season to date, season three of The Split is sure to have you sobbing till you feel better. 

In season three, we’ll get to see Hannah, played by Nicola Walker, dealing with her divorce from Nathan, played by Stephen Mangan, while also dealing with the never-ending drama with her sisters and mother. 

Perfect for when you’re feeling alone during hard times, and you need to feel like you’re not the only one with problems, season three of The Split is a must-watch. 

What’s even more interesting, though, is that as well as writing the show, Abi Morgan, the creator of the show, also steps behind the camera to direct one episode, while Dee Koppang O’Leary directs the rest. 

Four Lives

Coming out in January 2022, this factual drama will tell the stories of four young men killed by Stephen port—from the perspective of their friends and family. As the body of the fourth young man is found, the families start looking for answers leading to the arrest of the murderer. 

The show revolves around the case’s complications and focuses on how even after the arrest, getting out a guilty conviction for four separate murders is not as straightforward a job as it seems

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