Just like its predecessor, the latest PlayStation PS4 comes with impressive hardware specifications. It has also improved the specifications and has added extra features. Moreover, PS4 Pro comes with more advanced gameplay and better resolution. This article will give you all the details about hardware and gameplay in Sony PlayStation 4. 

Hardware Specs of PS4:


The latest PlayStation comes with an 8-core x86-based CPU and 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM. The 8 GB RAM is further divided into 16 DRAM modules, each comprising 512 MB RAM.

Sony has introduced the K4G41325FC model for RAM, which is Samsung’s flagship model. It has a refresh rate of 16K/32ms per 4 GB. PS4 Pro gets an additional 1 GB of DDR3 RAM for an improved gaming experience. 

Secondary Chip:

Unlike the previous versions of PlayStations, the latest PlayStation comprises Samsung’s K4B2G1646E-BCK0 model for the secondary chip. It is a 2 Giga Bits DDR3 SDRAM model. So comes with a maximum transfer rate of 2133Mb/sec/pin. Also present in the form of a 16Mbi x 16 I/Os x 8 banks device, which amounts to 256 MB of DDR3 SDRAM. 

Serial Flash Memory:

PS4 gets a Macronix MX25L25635FMI Serial Flash Memory. This memory is added, especially for the 15-minute cache and the fly screenshots that you can capture while playing, with the help of the share button. 

It is also equipped with two additional Macronix MX25L1006E CMOS Serial Flash Memory. One of them is placed on the motherboard’s rear side, and the other one is near the USB. They are arranged in the form of 131,072 x 8, resulting in 1,048,576 bits. 

CPU and GPU:

This latest PlayStation is equipped with an 8-core AMD Jaguar/Kabini x86-64 CPU and 18 compute units of the Radeon 7870-derived GPU. Sony has used 28 nm high k transistors in the custom chip, made by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. 

Ethernet Controller:

Just like PS3, in PS4 also, you will find Marvell Alaska 88EC060-NN82 model for the ethernet controller. 

USB 3.0:

You will find a Genesys Logic GL3520 USB 3.0 Hub Controller. This USB 3.0 comprises an 8-bit on-chip microprocessor. PS4 Pro gets an additional USB 3.0 port. It is also equipped with an optical audio output. While PS4 contains a 1.4 HDMI port, PS4 Pro comes with a 2.0 HDMI port. 

HDMI Communications LSI:

Sony is planning to introduce Panasonic’s MN86471A HDMI Communication LSI. This will allow the gamers to capture videos while playing games. Moreover, it comprises an HDCP accelerator that supports uncompressed HD and SD video signals. 

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity:

PS4 uses Marvell’s wireless Avastar 88W8797 for Wi-Fi and Skyworks 2614B 315BB for Bluetooth connectivity. Unlike PS4, PS4 Pro uses 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v4.0 instead of Bluetooth v2.1.  


PS4 is equipped with HGST’s 2.5-inch, 5400 RPM, 500 GB, SATA II. According to the company, PS4 offers 408 GB of actual usable space. Therefore, you can upgrade the HDD if you want. 

Optical Drive:

Both PS4 and PS4 Pro do not come with an ultra-HD Blu-ray player. They can read Blu-ray discs as it is the primary media. PS4 can read discs at three times greater speed than PS3. The latest PlayStation also allows you to play 16-layer 400 GB discs. Moreover, PS4 is equipped with four integrated circuits that act as control chips. They are:

  • Renesas SCEI RJ832841FP1
  • Microchip Technology 312 3536A B
  • D7763EFV 325 T62
  • STM8ED 9H A07 VG MYS 331Z

Secondary Processor:

Apart from the gaming, all other low-power state activities that you perform in PS4 are handled by the secondary processor. PS4 uses the SCEI CXD90025G processor, which Marvell Technology manufactures. 

Power Management Technology:

PS4 is equipped with International Rectifier 35858 N326P IC2X. This power management technology offers efficient performance at a very low power consumption rate. 

Cooling Fans:

As cooling fans, PS4 features the KSB0912HE-CK2M model, manufactured by Delta Electronics Inc. This cooling fan consumes a DC voltage of 12V and a current of 1.40A. 

Custom Clock Synthesizer:

PS4 is equipped with an IDT 6V41265NLG Custom Clock Synthesizer. 


Thermistors are devices used to measure the temperature of the device. They are used as a safety measure. PS4 gets nine thermistors on the front side and one thermistor on the rear side. 

Games Details:

When PS4 was released, it support only a few exclusive games such as Kingdom Hearts 3, The Order, and Final Fantasy 15. However, the company claimed that around 140 games were being developed for the console. Among those 140, 40 games were exclusive to the PS4. 

Another important thing that the latest PlayStation offers is the complete absence of DRM. It allows you to share or trade your PS4 game discs in any way or with any one of your wishes. However, with Xbox One, publishers decide how their games will be resale. Lastly, you have to take Playstation Plus membership to play online multiplayer games on PS4. 

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