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The iPhone 7 was one of the most famous and widely brought iPhones when it was released. It had a great retina display, powerful internals, and no headphone jack which turned a lot of heads. While there can be several issues that certain users face with their iPhones, problems with the screen trump them all. A majority of users have searched for an iPhone 7 screen repair shop just a few months after buying the smartphone.

But why do users have to search for a repair shop for their iPhone 7? Here are some of the most common screen issues that users tend to face.

Common iPhone 7 Screen Issues and its Solutions

Frozen Screen

This is a recurring issue that a number of users have complained about. The iPhone’s screen seems to get frozen or stuck on one window and no matter what you do, nothing happens.

Possible Solutions

First, you should try restarting the device as it fixes temporary glitches. If you are unable to normally restart the device, follow the force restart procedure specified below. You should identify if this issue happens when you are opening a certain app or program or is it happening randomly. If it is due to an app, try updating it to the latest version or deleting it all together to see if it fixes the issue.

Screen Flickering

While this issue doesn’t occur in every handset, there are several iPhone 7 users that have complained about experiencing a screen flickering issue and seeing random grey lines appearing across the screen. This can happen due to a faulty app messing with the phone’s software optimization, insufficient storage space available in the device, RAM issues or a problem with the logic board behind the display.

Possible Solutions

You can try resetting the device to see if it fixes the issue or not. Resetting is a proven fix for a lot of different issues and can come in handy with this issue as well. You should also update the device to the latest iOS version as it tends to fix software glitches and optimization issues.

Hardware Damage

External damage to the screen or liquid damage can also cause the display to stop functioning either partially or completely. iPhones are intricate devices made with superior craftsmanship and design. There are several components that can stop working due to external forces or water damage.

Possible Solutions

While there are several videos, guides, and tools available online that can guide you to a DIY iPhone 7 screen repair, it is advise to leave this to a professional. Hardware damage could require a complete screen replacement as well so it’s better to consult a repair centre.

Other Solutions You Can Try to Fix iPhone 7 Screen Issues

You can try some of these tips when you are facing some issues with your iPhone 7 screen.

Perform a Force Restart

If you are unable to restart the device because the screen is not working, you can perform a force restart. Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons together for at least 10 seconds to restart your iPhone forcibly.

Factory Restore your Phone

This process will delete everything on your iPhone so it is better to take a backup of everything you want to keep. Connect your iPhone to a computer and open iTunes. Select the Restore option and the software will restore your iPhone as it came from the factory. You can even create a backup through iTunes as well.

Enable Reduced Transparency

If you experience any white boxes while pulling down the notification on your iPhone 7 then head over to Settings > General > Accessibility and then turn on Reduced Transparency. It should fix the issue.

Device Firmware Upgrade

Do this as the last step as doing a device firmware upgrade and if done improperly, can leave your device dysfunctional as well. If you can, close all the apps running your iPhone and connect the phone with a Mac or PC with iTunes on it. While the device is connect, press and hold the Power and Volume Down button for 10 seconds until it enters the DFU restore mode.

While it is not common, it can be frustrating to have a frozen screen that doesn’t work when you wanted it to the most. All the tips stated above have been tried and tested by a number of users and posted across forums and message boards to help other iPhone 7 users with screen issues.

However, if nothing works for you or you have a broken screen, you should contact the nearest Apple store or go to a trusted iPhone 7 screen repair centre like Rapid Repair. They provide home pickup and drop options and employ expert professionals that have years of experience working and fixing Apple devices with ease. 

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