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Quickbooks clean install Tool: QuickBooks is an accounting software made by Intuit that is very effective for small to mid-sized organizations in processing financial data. QuickBooks Desktop is the most popular product, however faults caused by a broken QuickBooks might prevent the desktop program, from running smoothly. Users may also encounter serious flaws with the program, which may impede their job efficiency.

 The information on this page will assist you in understanding all of the aspects of downloading and reinstalling QuickBooks. As a result, you must persevere until the conclusion!

What is QuickBooks Clean Install Tool?

QuickBooks is a versatile piece of software that generates a lot of files and uses a lot of memory space on your device. QuickBooks Clean Install Tool saves you time by allowing you to entirely uninstall this application.

If a QuickBooks desktop feature is destroyed or a basic restoration does not fix the problem, you must first remove QuickBooks Desktop for Windows and then rename the downloaded installation files before restoring the application. Clean Install or Clean Uninstall is the name given to this procedure.

Point to keep in mind: 

It is important to get a QuickBooks pc download file or installation CD with the license number before executing the un-installation process. Make a backup of the next procedures as well, just in case. Also, the devices on which you’re operating should be able to be restarted.

Backup Company Files:

  • Begin by introducing a backup flash drive into the machine.
  • Then, for this open QuickBooks Desktop, make a backup of the company files.
  • Go to File and choose Backup Company from the drop-down menu; this will generate a local backup.
  • Depending on your preferences, you may select here between local backup and an online backup. Still, saving files on a Flash drive is secure because it is a rapid way to transfer information back.
  • Once that’s done, hit Next and follow the on-screen directions to finish the backup.

Indicators to Why QuickBooks Removal Tool Must be Used

To fully uninstall QuickBooks, you must use the QuickBooks Removal Tool. The following are some of the most prevalent difficulties that need the use of the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool.

  • When trying to access several business files, an error occurs.
  • Installation problems are displayed in QuickBooks.
  • You couldn’t get away with frequent error codes with a basic QuickBooks reinstall.

Using the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

Before understanding the Clean Install Tool, it is recommended that users learn about the QuickBooks Database Server Manager, which helps you share your Company File with other devices on your network. There are specifically three methods for utilizing the Clean Install Tool in QuickBooks.

  1. Reinstall QuickBooks to your Desktop
  2. Uninstalling the QuickBooks Desktop
  3. Change the Installation Folders

We’ve outlined all three procedures necessary for a new QuickBooks installation that will eliminate the issues you’re seeing below.

Method 1: Rename QuickBooks Installation Folders 

  • Ensure that Display Hidden Files and Folders are enabled in Windows.
  • By hitting the Windows + E keys on your keypad, you may access Windows File Manager.
  • Rename the QuickBooks folder by right-clicking it.
  • Reinstall QuickBooks by typing OLD.
Download QuickBooks Clean Install Tool
  • Download the ‘QuickBooks Tools Hub’ as a starting step.
  • Save the file to your system’s hard drive.
  • To finish the installation, launch the QuickBooks Tools Hub from the downloads folder and follow directions.
  • Select the ‘I accept’ option from the licensing agreement.
  • From your device’s desktop, choose the QuickBooks Tools Hub button.
  • Clean Install Tool is available after selecting Installation Issues.
  • Select the QuickBooks desktop edition and then click Next.
  • Hit OK when the text “Please install your copy of QuickBooks to the default location” shows on the display.
  • Continue with a reinstallation of QuickBooks when the Clean Install Tool has entirely removed QuickBooks from the machine.

Method 2: Uninstall Clean Install Tool

  • Open the Run command window by pressing Windows+R on the keypad.
  • In the Run box, enter Control Panel and hit Enter or OK.
  • Uninstall a program by going to Programs and Features and clicking Uninstall a Program.
  • From the list of installed apps, find and double-click QuickBooks.
  • To complete the uninstalling procedure, choose the Uninstall/Change option and then Uninstall.
  • To completely delete QuickBooks Desktop from Windows, follow the steps on the page.

Method 3: Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop

  • If you have the CD, put it in the system and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation.
  • If you bought QuickBooks via the Intuit website, go to the QuickBooks Product Download Page to get the latest edition.
  • Launch the setup when it has been downloaded. You’ll be prompted to input your license and product number, which may be found on:
  • CD Box
  • Online order email

The wizard will help you conduct the following steps

  • Choose Next.
  • Before clicking Next, accept the terms of the license agreements.
  • The prompt will now ask for your Product Number and License Number.
  • Once your enter the License and Product Number, click Next.
  • Select, Installation type and move to the Recommended one.
  • Hit Next and choose Install.
  • The QuickBooks will now run on your device.
  • Finally, Hit on Open QuickBooks to finish the process.

Summing Up!

Once you’re familiar with the steps outlined here, reinstalling QuickBooks for Windows using the QuickBooks Clean install tool is a piece of cake. We believe the QuickBooks desktop program works well now that we have a better understanding of how to use the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool.

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