Online shopping can sometimes be very disappointing and shocking because of the scams and frauds. The online world is invisible but there are right ways to check what will give you the right experience and the right sources. There are various online frauds that you might face such as account takeover fraud, identities theft, friendly fraud, and much more. The bit you need to understand some basic tips to save yourself from these attacks.

Let us look at some tips that will save us from these scams.  

  • Use familiar websites
  • Look for the lock
  • Create strong passwords
  • Check statements regularly
  • Avoid doing shopping at any public place

Use familiar websites

There are many websites present on the world wide web today that are selling everything manufactured in any part of the world like brazil face mask manufacturers who are selling their masks too. But some of the websites appear to be fake. Choose trusted and well-known sites for getting any kind of service. Be careful while typing the name of the websites, don’t misspell any word. Use a website that has .com in the end. You can even check their social media pages to know more about them. Read reviews that will give you an idea about their services. 

Look for the lock

A secure socket layer is another very important thing. Use your credit card on sites that don’t have a secure socket layer. It is a secure layer between you and the host website to protect your data via encryption. To identify the Secure socket layer you must remember this simple tip that, any website using it would be having an s at the end. It is easier to identify it because google will highlight it as a not secure website. 

Create strong passwords

Many people don’t change their passwords since they have made an id. It is estimated that 35 % of people don’t change their passwords. For shopping on an eCommerce website, there is a requirement to make new passwords. You should create strong passwords and change them from time to time to avoid any misuse. If you cant create a new strong password on your own, you can use a password manager to create passwords that are strong and uncrackable. 

Check statements regularly

Today we have digital solutions for almost everything. The same goes for banking and online transactions. Now it is very easy to check the details of your credit and debit card electronic statements by simply making an account on digital banking apps and logging in to check the statements. There is no need to wait until the end of the month to receive the bill. By checking the statements you can check or look for any extra charges that are fraudulent. One thing that should be noted is that a credit card is suitable for buying online rather than a debit card. You should only pay the credit card bill when you are truly satisfied with the applied charges. In case of any discrepancy contact the relevant authority through call.

Avoid doing shopping at any public place

When you are going out shopping or want to have a coffee at any public place and you feel like shopping online because you have your laptop with you, then it is not a good idea to shop. You know that if you will shop from an eCommerce website you have to enter the three-digit pin written on the backside of your credit card, anyone can spy on you and note the sensitive information. So, it is better to use a website where you have already entered your information so you don’t need to input it. B2B is one of the world’s leading b2b platforms for companies and organisations to source and procure products and services. With a global presence and an extensive product portfolio, we provide businesses with a large number of quality suppliers who offer the best solutions at competitive prices.


It is important to follow basic guidelines while shopping online otherwise you can be vulnerable to many cyber attacks. The foremost thing is to use a trusted site that is well known and offers reliable services. A secure socket layer should be identified before using a website. Create strong passwords by using a password manager. Check your credit and debit card bills online instead of waiting for the bill. Avoid shopping from a new website to the public to save your credit card data.


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