So, if you’re a smoker then, you must have heard of lookah seahorse pro glass accessories. All the smokers out there rely on the lookah smoke product. The reason is that lookah company is the most stable and reliable company when it comes to smoke products and accessories.

Lookah industry-first originated in 2009 and thus, after that, it rocked among all the best smoking brands. From 2009 till now, the lookah brand is touching the sky day by day with its flawless products and features. So, are you ready to explore everything about lookah seahorse pro and accessories?

Lookah offers hundreds of vaporizers and amazing glass accessories with unique designs. They come up in the best style and shapes with durable material. Thus they are made of borosilicate that is tough enough to bear any shock. Additionally, glass has several other properties like germ resistance and heat resistance.

What comes with lookah seahorse pro glass accessories?

So, let’s talk about the lookah seahorse pro accessories that come up with the lookah seahorse pro. The glass accessories are available with the whole set of seahorse pro. Thus, after the great success of this seahorse pro version, lookah has launched its accessory kit. Hence, have a look at the tools that come up with the kit:

·         Adapter 14-18mm

·         Connection hose

·         Seahorse pro

·         Glass mouthpiece

Thus, unintentionally if you lose any of your glass accessories or tools then, don’t worry because lookah has offered you much more. The lookah pro kit has everything that you need in the hours of vaping. So, no look further because all you required and desired is here.

1-    14-18mm adapter

This 14-18mm adapter will easily fit with any rig type or bong and thus provide a connection with the tips.

2-    Connection hose

The connection hose provides the link between the bong and the mouthpieces thus, help is extra filtration. This extra filtration provides cooler vapes. The lookah seahorse pro accessories have a 24cm long connection hose.

3-    Glass tubes

The glass tubes that come up with the seahorse pro are the alternative to the glass mouthpieces. So, this replacement is very helpful in the hours of need. The pair of glass tubes are very strong enough to take the mouthpiece place.

Tips to use lookah seahorse pro glass accessories

So guys, here are some of the tips and tricks that’ll help you in using the glass accessories properly. Thus, for the best flavorful vape experience, follow these precautionary steps:

·      So, first of all, do make sure that you’re using the glass mouthpiece with the seahorse pro

·         If you use the pack of 5 or 2 then, the accessories will be available to you

·         Clean your glass pieces with the isopropyl alcohol or other solvents

·         The glass mouthpiece is germ defender thus has no health risk

·         If you accidentally break your mouthpiece then, don’t worry there are two glass tubes in the kit

How to use the lookah seahorse pro glass accessories?

The lookah seahorse pro can provide dual functions. The dual functions that the seahorse pro provides are:

·         It allows the dry herb vaping

·         Additionally, it offers wax or oil cartridge dabbing as well

·         You’ll enjoy maximum flavors and vapors also

So, now let’s talk about the usage of these glass accessories. If you’re a smoker then, you must know that lookah seahorse glass accessories are capable of the seahorse pro. Thus, attach the bong with the bowl of herb, and a percolator or glass bubbler will provide you with filtration. Hence, take a slight vape and enjoy the hit!

Final verdict

Lookah seahorse pro glass accessories are the best vaping tools that make your dabs supreme. So, are you ready to enjoy the flavorful vapes with maximum vapors? If yes, then buy the seahorse pro with the glass accessories and enjoy the smoke. Don’t forget to give your feedback after use and also comment on your review!

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Lookah seahorse pro glass accessories is the best quality vaping products that smoke ash provides. These accessories are available at reasonable prices with no shipping charges.

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